Slime Tube Sealant

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Slime Tube Sealant

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Tire slime that reduces friction, seals punctures, and prevents flat tires.

Seals instantly and keeps flat resistant for up to 2 years.

8 fl oz. Safe and easy to use.

Compatible with Schrader and Removable Presta Valves.


Tire Slime

Nothing ruins the day quite like a flat tire. An ebike flat tire repair can be a difficult task, luckily there are many flat tire accessories that can both seal and prevent flat tires from happening in the future. Known as the best bike tire slime on the market, the company simply by the name “Slime” makes our favorite bike tire slime. Straight to the point, easy to use and long lasting make this bike tire sealant the best in our books. 

How to use slime tire sealant on a bike?

Remove the black cap from the container and let all of the air out of your tire. You can use the black cap to puncture and press air out of the tire.

Install the included clear syringe on the top of the container and attach it to the open tire valve. Slowly squeeze out the slime sealant based on your tires volume.

Tire slime instructions are also visualized on the bottle.

How much tire slime should I add?

For standard 23mm bicycle tires you should add 4 oz of the slime per tire.

For standard 26-30mm eBike tires we recommend adding 4 oz of slime tire repair per tire.

For fatter motorcycle tires(30+ mm) you should add closer to 8 oz (the full container) to each tire.

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