Why We Rate Other Brand's E-Bikes

When people first hear that Tower reviews and rates other brand’s electric bikes, they’re a little surprised. We get that. It’s rare, and a little counter-intuitive. The reality is we’re kind of experts on everything eBikes. Yet of the eight major styles of eBikes, we only make one, beach cruisers. We’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge that can help people out… on stuff we don’t even sell.

Tower 100-Point E-Bike Score

We thought, “Why not help?” The more people on eBikes, the better, after all. So we did.

Once upon a time, we operated an eBike repair shop in San Diego, servicing all brands of eBikes. In an effort to understand the market better, we began assessing these eBikes using a carefully designed scale we developed, evaluating them across seven distinct attributes. Then we gave them a single point score from 1-100, so we could compare all eBikes side-by-side quickly. This evaluative process not only enhanced our market insights but also shed light on the competitive landscape of various eBike brands.

Because we don’t sell 7 of the 8 styles of eBikes, we believe our neutral standpoint on these other 7 styles allows us to provide relatively unbiased reviews. We hope that by assisting you with your purchase, even if it's from another brand, you might recommend us to a friend seeking an electric beach cruiser in the future. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry equip us to guide you effectively in your search for the perfect eBike.

That's the rationale behind our reviewing and rating of other brands, and the creation of our Tower 100-Point E-Bike Rating, what we call the Tower E-Bike Score. We review and rate all different styles of ebikes from all different brands, and give each eBike a single point score on a scale of 1-100.

Hopefully it can help you out.

Check out the Tower E-Bike 100-Point Score Ratings!