eBike Wheels & Tire Guide

Your Tower Beach Bum or Beach Babe comes with 26 inch wheels front on back. The stock tires are the Schwalbe Fat Frank tires, which are 26 inch x 2.35 inch tires. This means they have a wheel size of 26 inches in diameter, and then a tire width of 2.35 inches. To get a new tube for the stock tires, you would just need to find a 26” tube that had a range 2.3 would fall into. They ranges will vary from brand to brand, but an example would be a 26” x 1.95-2.4, or 26” x 2.1-2.5. Either of these would work as the width of 2.3 falls in between both of those.

The wheels they are on feature stainless steel 12g and 13g spokes, which help withstand high levels of torque, but are also rust resistant!

This section will cover all of the various wheel services you may need to do on your Tower electric bike. This includes flat tire repair, new tire installation, spoke replacement, and wheel trues.

Flat Tire Repair

This section walks through what to do if you have a flat tire. 

New Tire Installation

This section covers how to install a new tire on a Tower electric bike.

Rear Wheel (with Hub Motor) Removal Guide

The rear wheel on an electric bike is a little more complicated to take off compared to a regular bike since it has more components and electrical wirings that connect the rear hub. In this article, we will detail how to remove the rear wheel from a hub driven ebike.

Wheel True

This section walks through how to true a wheel that may be a little wobbly.

Spoke Replacement

This section covers how to replace broken spokes on a Tower ebike.

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