Tower E-Bike's 100-Point Scale

A Single Point eBike Rating - kind of like Wine Spectator's 100-Point Scale... but for eBikes

Stephan Aarstol

Riese and Muller eBike Homage Review

The Homage electric bike model from European electric bike brand Riese and Muller is a very well considered electric city bike. Very few bikes are rated this high on the Tower eBike Score scale. It gets a 90 and even higher on it's specialty score when we omit our "comfort" and "universal" ratings. At 64 lbs this e-Bike is a little heavy but it's all done with quality parts. Note that this electric bicycle gets a score of only 4 our our low proprietary risk scale, which means it may be hard to find parts if Riese and Muller were to go out of business or stop supporting this specific model at some point in the future. read more »
Stephan Aarstol

Specialized Turbo Vado 5.0

Specialized is a big name within both the bike and electric bike industry. The company started off as a bicycle and bike parts manufacturer and now makes their own electric bikes as well. The Turbo Vado is Specialized's commuter mid drive bike with exceptional materials and mechanical components. The Turbo Vado excels in hill climbing ability and battery range. The Turbo Vado 5.0 scored an 94 on our tower ebike Specialty score giving it a Highest Distinction ebike more »
Stephan Aarstol

Serial 1 Rush Electric Bike Review

Serial 1, renowned as the electric Harley Davidson bike company, partners with Harley Davidson to "power" their bikes. The Rush e-bike, a city/commuter style model, excels in electrical components. With a Tower eBike score of 76, it earns the outstanding e-bike label. It gets a 90 on our Specialty Score and that's a better measure on this more »
Stephan Aarstol

Serial 1 Rush Step Thru Review

Serial 1 is an electric bike company powered by Harley Davidson. They manufacture an array of electric bikes that are assembled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Rush step through is the company's commuter styled electric bike. With a high torque motor and a torque sensored belt drive chain the Rush step through scored a 77 on our Tower ebike more »
Stephan Aarstol

Priority Bicycles Current eBike Review

We are going to be reviewing and rating the Priority Current Electric Bike from the company Priority Bicycles. This company has a popular name within the bike industry. They aren’t just in the e-bike niche, however. They make tons of different electric bikes and road-style regular bikes as well. They've got quite a big team over there. The Priority Current model is their take on a road-style electric bike. It's a mid-drive belt-driven bike. It's built for a commuter or someone who lives in a city who is looking for a little bit more assistance in speed to get from point A to point B a bit quicker. The Priority Current scored an 82 on our 100-point Tower e-Bikes Specialty Score; which rates it at an outstanding e-bike. This is one of the better e-bikes we have seen come into our shop here.

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Stephan Aarstol

Juiced CrossCurrent Step-Thru Review

Juiced labels it's CrossCurrent model as a "commuter bike". With it's flat end handlebars and downright positioning the CrossCurrent definitely feels and rides like a stereotypical road bike. The CrossCurrent comes with a quality derailleur and multiple gears which enhance the bikes ride. As a company Juiced scored low on our low proprietary risk as Juiced customers have had experience with parts shortages and relatively poor customer service. Overall, the Juiced CrossCurrent scored a 73 on our Tower ebike score giving it a very good eBike more »
Stephan Aarstol

Rad Rover 6 Plus Step Thru Review

The Rad Rover 6 Plus step through is a more universally fit ebike of the famous Rad Rover Plus series from Rad Power Bikes. The Rad Rover Plus comes with fat tires and features upgraded frame, brake and battery upgrades. The bike scored a 64 on out Tower ebike score giving it a very good ebike rating. Read our full, in depth, Rad Rover 6 review more »
Stephan Aarstol

Rad City 3 Step Thru Review

The Rad City 3 step through is Rad Power Bikes 3rd installment of their city electric bike model. The city 3 step through scored a 10 out of 10 on universality making it one of the most universal ebikes on the market. Paired with a high torque and battery capacity, the Rad City 3 scored a 64 on our Tower ebike score giving it a very good ebike more »
Stephan Aarstol

Serial 1 Mosh eBike Review

Serial 1, backed by Harley Davidson, specializes in high-quality, belt-driven commuter/city e-bikes. The Mosh is available in four sizes, from small to extra large, with our review based on the large size suitable for a 5'11 mechanic. Scoring 56 on our Tower eBike ranking, the Mosh earns a very good e-bike rating. It scored a 64 on our Specialty Score, which is a better measure of this eBike as it comes in different sizes. read more »
Stephan Aarstol

Rad City 4 E-Bike Review

The Rad City 4 is Rad Power Bikes fourth installment of their city electric bike model. The Rad City bikes have become an increasingly popular model as they focus on universality and high torque and battery output. The Rad City 4 scored a 57 on our Tower ebike score giving it a very good ebike more »
Stephan Aarstol

Aventon Level Step Thru Review

Follow along as we review the Aventon Level Step Thru and score the ebike on our Tower ebike scoring system. The Aventon Level Step Through has a more open central frame than the original Aventon Level making it a more universal fit ebike for all ages and sizes. This electric bike scored a 54 on our Tower eBike score giving it a mediocre ebike more »
Stephan Aarstol

Aventon Level Review

The Aventon Level is Aventon's most popular electric bike model to date. The Level is an affordable commuter ebike mid tier quality components. The Level scored a 53 on our Tower ebike score giving it a mediocre ebike rating. The Level scored well on comfort and hill climbing ability but scored low in materials quality and battery range. Read our full Aventon Level ebike review below to see how it more »
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