Directory of eBike repair shops

Finding a bike mechanic that will work on your ebike can be a logistical nightmare. Luckily we've done the hard part for you! We've compiled a list of the best known bike mechanics in the country. We've even specifically included if they work on electric bikes or not. Finding an electric bike repair shop near you is easier than ever!

eBike Repair In Your Local Area


When traditional bike stores generally see an ebike coming in they will refuse to work on it due to their complexity and distinctiveness. Only a handful of bike mechanics are talented enough or even certified to work on electric bikes. With ebikes becoming more and more popular, finding a local ebike mechanic can be difficult. We researched the best electric bike mechanics in each city and pooled together one large resource for electric bike owners. These are the best electric bike repair shops in each major city.

We at Tower purposely made our electric cruiser bike extremely modular and easy for any bike mechanic to work on, unlike a lot of the eBike's on the market. We have seen no issues with bike mechanics not taking in our bikes for repair.

Find a local ebike mechanic in your area. See our detailed pages based on your location.

West Coast Electric Bike Repair

Santa Monica

Los Angeles

San Diego

San Francisco



East Coast Electric Bike Repair




Virginia Beach


Myrtle Beach


New York