Tower E-Bike's 100-Point Scale

A Single Point eBike Rating - kind of like Wine Spectator's 100-Point Scale... but for eBikes

Stephan Aarstol

Serial 1 Rush Electric Bike Review

Serial 1, renowned as the electric Harley Davidson bike company, partners with Harley Davidson to "power" their bikes. The Rush e-bike, a city/commuter style model, excels in electrical components. With a Tower eBike score of 76, it earns the outstanding e-bike label. It gets a 90 on our Specialty Score and that's a better measure on this more »
Stephan Aarstol

Serial 1 Rush Step Thru Review

Serial 1 is an electric bike company powered by Harley Davidson. They manufacture an array of electric bikes that are assembled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Rush step through is the company's commuter styled electric bike. With a high torque motor and a torque sensored belt drive chain the Rush step through scored a 77 on our Tower ebike more »
Stephan Aarstol

Serial 1 Mosh eBike Review

Serial 1, backed by Harley Davidson, specializes in high-quality, belt-driven commuter/city e-bikes. The Mosh is available in four sizes, from small to extra large, with our review based on the large size suitable for a 5'11 mechanic. Scoring 56 on our Tower eBike ranking, the Mosh earns a very good e-bike rating. It scored a 64 on our Specialty Score, which is a better measure of this eBike as it comes in different sizes. read more »