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Tower Electric Bikes

Buy Manufacturer Direct & Save

Tower is a manufacturer direct Electric Bike company with a design-centric focus. We're the manufacturer, the retail store, and the marketing arm all rolled into one... which means you save over $2000 off comparable eBikes at retail. Our eBikes come standard with only the most premium components. With over 30 ebike retailers in the immediate San Diego area, we can proudly say that we offer the best value for money for our customers.

A problem we saw with many of the ebikes on the market was their almost motorcycle-like appearance so it was important to us to develop a bike that riders wouldn’t feel out of place on while riding on a bike track or the sidewalk. Our electric bike is designed to fit in everywhere, amaze people with its sleek aesthetic and surprise people when they realize that it’s an ebike.

Tower Electric Beach Cruisers feature a powerful 500W geared brushless motor combined with a high capacity (48V / 14Ah) Samsung lithium-ion battery which puts us on par with the best of the best, but at a drastically lower price point. We purposely push the envelope in terms of quality on our products, from the kevlar reinforced, puncture proof tires to the leather handlebar grips, you’ll only find top of the range components on this bike, plus it's one of the lightest out there at only 49lbs when the battery is installed. An electric bike of the equal build quality would set you back around $3750 from a traditional brand but because we sell it direct, you save $2000+.

Tower Electric Bikes Does it Differently

Why Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes emerged into the mainstream back in 2001 but were nowhere near as efficient as they are now, old battery and controller technologies have long gone and made ebikes a viable mode of transport for people living in urban areas enabling you to travel up to 30 miles on a single charge. Electric bikes reduce the amount of effort (and time) you need to get from A to B significantly, with many ebike riders saying that they do not need to shower after their commute when they would if they were to ride a traditional bicycle.

With the growth in urban living and the increase of the public’s motivation to move away from using cars for their commute, the demand for ebikes is growing at a rapid pace. Together with the increase in bike infrastructure in the US, there has never been a better time to get an ebike of your own. E-bikes have all the benefits of motorcycles and scooters - minus the environmental impact and need to pay for parking, tax or insurance.

The Tower Difference

Yes, we're the company that was featured on ABC's Shark Tank and that billionaire Mark Cuban invested in... it was for our sister company, Tower Paddle Boards where our value proposition is that much better than the competition. We've extended our same model to the electric bicycle market. We design our products by surveying the market, analyzing the best and the worst of our competitors’ products, taking what we believe are their best features and building them into our own phenomenal products.

Tower is a worldwide company, but we don’t sell our products anywhere other than our brand experience store or our website, we recognized the change in consumer behaviour over recent years and positioned ourselves to meet the needs of our audience who spend more and more of their time online. Our management team is internet savvy and has a vast amount of ecommerce experience, enabling us to sell electric bikes anywhere in the world from our beachside office in San Diego, California.

What is Direct to Consumer?

When a lot of consumers see prices that are significantly lower than the competition they become sceptical about product quality, but that’s where our business model comes in. We are a direct to consumer company, meaning that we can provide our customers with products of equal or higher quality than many of our competitors yet sell them at what would be traditional wholesale prices. Our model allows us to create products using expensive, high-end components and still sell at a lower price point than many of the players in the electric bike market, our prices only factor in one mark-up.

Our mission has always been to out-do our competitors on value by selling premium products at reasonable prices. We import our ebikes direct to San Diego and sell locally out of our brand experience store and worldwide on TowerElectricBikes.com. The combination of our direct local sales and massive worldwide reach due to our significant web presence gives the feel and expertise of buying from a local bike shop, yet the economies of scale advantages of buying direct from an ebike factory.