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Best Electric Bike For Sale By Tower

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The Billionaire's e-Bike

Tower Electric Bikes is the direct to consumer eBike company with a design-centric focus. Tower is the manufacturer, the retail store, and the marketing arm all rolled into one... which means you save over $1500 off a comparable eBike purchased in a retail shop. Our eBikes come standard with only the most premium components.

According to Electrek.co, the electric transportation news outlet, our "value proposition is compelling enough to get Mark Cuban’s stamp of approval as a key investor". They call the Tower Beach Bum electric cruiser bike the "Billionaire's e-bike."

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A problem we saw with many of the ebikes on the market was their almost motorcycle-like appearance. Because of this, it was important to us to develop a bike that riders wouldn’t feel out of place on while riding on a bike trail, boardwalk, or just the sidewalk. Our electric bike is designed to fit in pretty much anywhere. It's stunning design aesthetic will be the envy of your neighborhood. Most people will be surprised if they learn it's an electric bike, as it doesn't look like one. That's by design.

Our flagship model, the Tower Beach Bum electric beach cruiser, features a specially designed high-torque 48 volt, 500 watt geared brushless hub motor.  Unlike many eBikes, the Beach Bum can climb any hill and go anywhere you need it to go thanks to its high-torque motor. Combined with its high capacity 14Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery, the Beach Bum has the perfect mix of range and power. You can easily go 30-60 miles between re-charging the battery. This puts us on par with the best of the best in the electric bike world, but at a drastically lower price point.

We purposely push the envelope in terms of quality on our products, from the lightweight aluminum frame, to the Kevlar reinforced Fat Frank balloon tires with added tire liners, to the leather handlebar grips, to the premium 160mm Tektro disc brakes, you’ll only find top of the range components on this bike. With the battery installed, the whole bike is only 49 lbs, which is 15-20 lbs lighter than many other eBikes on the market. We believe the details matter. Every element on this eBike is highly considered, and there are a lot of added conveniences subtlety built into the design. One of our favorite examples is the split front frame design feature that is designed to hold a standard u-lock. An electric bike of equal build and component quality would set you back around $3700-$4100 in a traditional retail store, but because we sell it direct, you save over $1500.

Best Electric Bike? What Makes Tower Different

Why Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes emerged into the mainstream back in 2001 but were nowhere near as efficient as they are now. Battery and controller technologies have come a long way since then. Aside from joy rides (which are thrilling), today's ebikes with 30-60 mile ranges have become a very compelling transportation option for many people. No gas. No traffic. No parking. No pollution. No insurance needed. Shortcut trails and an expanding array of bike infrastructure being built every year. And get as little or as much exercise as you like! Compared to riding a traditional bike to work (which is only something pretty hard core bikers would do), commuting on an eBike is literally a breeze. No shower needed.

In 2018, about 300,000 eBikes were sold in the US but that annual sales number is seeing explosive growth. It is estimated that this annual US sales number will grow to around 7 million within the next decade. The US market is actually far behind European and Asian eBike markets, where today tens of millions of eBikes are sold annually. These things are catching on like wildfire for a reason. Take a test ride and you'll instantly get it. Take your first 20 mile roundtrip ride with a loved one or friend and you'll see the future. Electric bikes are a game changer. eBikes are not just a little variation of the centuries old bike, their rise to prominence represents a tectonic shift in the way humans will get around.

The Tower Difference

Yes, we're the company that was featured on ABC's Shark Tank and that billionaire Mark Cuban invested in... it was for our sister company, Tower Paddle Boards where our value proposition is also that much better than the competition. By cutting out the middlemen and leveraging our online marketing expertise, we can pass incredible savings onto consumers. With our paddle board company, we didn't even advertise the first four years because word of mouth spread so fast we could hardly keep up with demand. Today, the Tower brand is Mark Cuban's best investment in the history of Shark Tank, and one of the best overall investments in the history of the show.

We're applying the same business model to the electric bicycle market. Our aim is to simply make eBikes that people can fall in love with, and let our customers tell their friends and family about us. We're thinkers and doers. We don't stop until we've created a truly lust worthy product. Have a look and then shop around. We're confident you'll be back. By selling direct to consumer only, our value proposition is off the charts. Our operational cost structure is shockingly low, and as a result we pass tremendous savings onto consumers. You're going to get an amazing eBike, and also at an amazing deal.

What is Direct to Consumer?

Direct to consumer is the sale of products or services directly to consumers, bypassing the markup costs of unnecessary middlemen. You know... distributors, wholesalers, sales reps, retailers, and the like. It's happening in many industries. There's really a direct to consumer revolution going on. Tower has been a pioneer in this revolution for the past decade in paddle boards and various beach lifestyle products. Now we are offering direct to consumer value to consumers in the market for an eBike.

With the direct to consumer revolution in full swing, it's a new world with better products AND better pricing, but not everyone fully understands how and why this is happening. Right now, informed shoppers who truly understand the direct to consumer uprising are enjoying better prices - or superior products for the same prices - as well as an unparalleled customer experience.

Revolutionary Pricing

You get revolutionary pricing because you are going straight to the source, my friend. No middlemen taking their cut. All the channel savings are passed onto you, the customer.

No Compromises

In the traditional retail model where products are sold indirectly through middlemen, every $1 of production cost normally leads to $4 to $5 being charged to consumers. Most of that markup goes to the middlemen. This inefficient model forces companies to make sacrifices on materials, quality, design, customer service, and more, in order to hit the price points needed to pay all the middlemen. This is exactly why brands like Tower that sell directly to consumers - even if they sell their products for a fraction of the going retail price - have a much greater ability to invest in materials and innovation, and more freedom to truly explore and meet the needs of customers.

Unparalleled Customer Experience

By selling direct, we gain the massive advantage of having direct communication with our customers every day. This enables us to receive valuable feedback and build loyal customer relationships through a superior customer experience. This direct communication also informs the design of better products and services, as customers can easily connect directly with our knowledgeable staff, the ones who actually design, manufacture, and improve our eBike offerings every day. As a customer, this direct communication with a company is valuable when you are buying, and even more valuable if you ever have a problem with your product.

Tower is Mark Cuban's Direct to Consumer eBike Company

Our aim was to make an electric bike we love... transportation so beautiful that it exudes heart and soul. One we could be proud to recommend to our friends and family. We've done that. We think you'll love it too.

We believe electric bicycles have the potential to fundamentally change the way people get around. We aim to accelerate this shift by making the best electric bikes in the world and selling them direct to consumer ("DTC") for about half what they go for in retail.

The combination of our direct local sales approach and our massive worldwide reach due to our significant web presence gives the feel and expertise of buying from a local bike shop, yet the economies of scale advantages of buying direct from the factory.

When you're buying an eBike, you have a dizzying array of options. It's important to do business with a brand you can trust. We're here to be that brand for you.

Welcome to Tower Electric Bikes. Check out our electric cruiser bike, the Tower Beach Bum!