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If you are having an issue with your ebike, but do not know exactly what is going on, this guide will help match your ailment to which section to head to remedy your issue!


My brakes are making a constant dragging noise

My brakes have a periodic scraping/pinging noise, but it is not constant

My brakes are making a lot of noise while braking

  • Resurface Brake Pads and Rotors
  • It may also be possible the brake pads have been used all the way, which would also cause noise/grinding feeling. If that is the case, then Brake Pad Install will be the section needed.
  • It may also be possible there is a brake fluid leak which has contaminated the brake pads and rotors. If this is the case, a new brake system would be recommended.

My brakes feel like they do not have much power or I have to pull far to have them stop

  • Brake Bleed
  • Brake Pad Install
  • Your brake may also be leaking fluid, which usually indicates a broken seal in the braking system. If there appears to be liquid all over your brake caliper. Pads, and rotor, then this is more than likely a leaking brake. Replacing the braking system would be recommended in this scenario.


My chain is skipping

Bike will not shift into a specific gear

Chain keeps throwing off of the cassette or chainring

Chain Is Stuck

  • Depending how stuck the wheel is, you may have to remove the rear wheel to get the chain unstuck. Once the chain is unstuck, do a Shifting Adjustment to set the limit screws so the chain does not go into these positions anymore.

Electrical System

For all electrical problems and troubleshooting, please check out our Electrical System Guide, as it will walk through all of the various issues your ebike can have and what can be causing them.

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