We Specialize in eBeach Cruisers

Electric Beach Cruisers Only: Our Craft, Our Passion.

Founded just steps from the beach in beautiful Southern California, it should be no surprise that at Tower Electric Bikes we only produce and sell electric beach cruisers. We eat, drink, and sleep the beach lifestyle. We know the lifestyle. We know what makes the best beach cruisers. We started by revolutionizing the paddle board industry, and have gone on to make many other amazing beach lifestyle products including surfboards, skateboards, and sunglasses to name a few. 

Our focus is important if you are looking for the best electric beach cruisers you can buy.   

Electric Bike Diagram

Our expertise is singularly focused on electric beach cruisers: no city bikes, mini bikes, motorcycle look-alikes, fat tire, folding, mountain, or road bikes, and certainly no tricycles. We dedicate ourselves entirely to crafting the finest beach cruisers.

We know beach cruisers because we live and play with them every day in the beach community. Even regular (non-electric) beach cruisers are a legit transportation option in beach communities and have been for decades. Unlike many traditional bikes which are used primarily for recreation or sport, beach cruisers are made for comfort. They’re transportation. The balloon tires cushion the ride. The pedal forward design, raked back handle bars, and the fat cushy seat create the ultimate comfy upright cruising position.

Comfort is paramount in transportation. Electric bikes are transportation. Because of that, beach cruisers make for excellent transportation.

Looking for a different style eBike than a beach cruiser?

You’re in luck! We review and rate all different styles of ebikes from all different brands, and give each eBike a single point score we call the Tower E-Bike Score (scale of 1-100). We used to have an eBike repair shop here in San Diego that worked on any eBike, so we started rating them. People found it helpful. Hopefully it can help you out.

Why do we review other brand’s ebikes?

Of the eight major styles of eBikes, we solely focus on one, beach cruisers. We believe our neutral standpoint on the rest allows us to provide unbiased reviews, which can be a rarity. We hope that by assisting you with your purchase, even if it's from another brand, you might recommend us to a friend seeking a beach cruiser in the future. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry equip us to guide you effectively in your search for the perfect eBike. That's the rationale behind our reviewing and rating of other brands, and the creation of our Tower 100-Point E-Bike Rating, what we call the Tower E-Bike Score. We hope you find it valuable.