How to True Ebike Wheels

As you ride your Tower ebike, you may notice over time the wheel does not appear as straight and “true” as it was on the first day. This is to be expected with any bicycle wheel. As you ride and hit bumps along the road, the spokes holding the wheel together and straight experience a lot of stress and can gradually loosen up over time. When these spokes loosen up, the wheel is not as straight as it should be and can appear to have a wobble. Truing your wheel is the retightening of the spokes back to their original straight position. Continuous riding on a severely untrue wheel over time can be unsafe as the wheel could break if it gets far enough out of true. Truing your wheel can be a very tedious task though, so it is best to approach it with patience. This guide will walk you through how to true up your wheels properly!

Here is a video of the process:

The tools needed for this are:

  • Truing Stand
  • Spoke Wrench
  • 15mm/18mm Wrenches
  • Tire Levers

Here is the process:

  1. To start off, we have to take the wheel off of the bike. Use either your 15mm or 18mm wrench to take the wheel off (wrench selection depending on front or back wheel).
  2. Once the wheel is off, let the air out of the tube and use the tire levers to remove the tire and tube from the wheel (for more in depth information on how to do this, see our New Tire Install guide).
  3. With the tire removed, we can now put the wheel into the truing stand. Open up the support arms enough to accommodate the wheel. Once the wheel between the supports, tighten up the supports so the axle is resting on the stand.
  4. Now that the wheel is in the stand, we need to position the guide to the outer edge of the rim. Follow the instructions on your truing stand on how to move that into position.
  5. Once the guides are in position, spin the wheel around on the stand. Wherever the rim knocks or scraps against the guide, that is a spot that we have to true.
  6. When we find a spot that is out of true, we isolate it to a single spoke on that side of the wheel. We then go to the spokes at either side of that spoke and twist the spoke nipple a quarter turn at a time. This will pull the rim in the other direction. Continue doing small turns until that section of the wheel is true.
  7. Continue this process all the way around the wheel at any spots that are out of true.
  8. Once you can spin the wheel and it does not rub or hit the guides, and it looks true, you wheel is done.
  9. Remount the tire and tube, and then remount the wheel back onto the bike.

Truing your wheel is a fairly straightforward process, but it can be tedious and time consuming. Also keep in mind, at a certain point, sometimes a wheel is too out of true to really fix. If this is the case, a whole new wheel is usually recommended.

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