eBike Battery Charger 48V, 2A

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A high-quality charger designed to recharge all 48V Li-ion battery packs for Tower Electric Bikes. This charger features several key benefits that make it a reliable and efficient choice for eBike riders.

With its low noise operation, the charger produces minimal disturbance while in use. Its power switching technology provides a balanced charge, ensuring that your battery is charged optimally and efficiently. A charging indicator light lets you know when your battery is fully charged, and surge protection helps to prevent damage from electrical surges. You can fully charge your battery in just six hours.

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Details on Tower Battery Charger Features

Low Noise. Noise is probably not something you'd normally think about when considering eBike chargers. However, you would be surprised by how loud they can be. This is because most chargers have loud fans to mitigate the heat generated by the electronics during a charge. The fan in the Tower 48V charger is not loud at all, in fact, it rarely makes any noise.

Power Switching Technology. Lithium-ion batteries utilize the most advanced battery technology on the market, and require a unique charging method. Cheap chargers that do not properly charge lithium-ion batteries can shorten battery life and are very dangerous. The charging method used by this charger is called power switching, and consists of three steps. The first step is pre-conditioning. This step only occurs when the battery is completely exhausted, and cannot safely accept as much current. Once the battery is about 10% charged, the charger enters fast charging. In this step, the charger provides the a strong constant current. Once the battery reaches full voltage, the charger automatically stops the current to prevent overcharge. If the battery remains plugged in for a long period of time, it will slowly start to lose power. When this happens, the charger will enter a re-charge mode, to keep the battery at it's full capacity.

Charging Indicator Light. The Tower 48V charger uses a simple binary light system to indicate the charge status. A red light means the battery is charging. A green light means the battery is fully charged, or disconnected. This intelligent charger will automatically stop charging, so you don't need to worry about over charging you batteries. However, we still recommend that you never leave the battery charging unattended.

Surge Protection. A surge protector is built into this 48V charger to protect your battery from random voltage spikes.

Quick Charge Time. This is a 2A charger, which means it only takes about 7 hours to fully charge the 14Ah battery on the Tower Beach Bum electric beach cruiser.

Safe Battery Charging Guidelines
  • Do not leave your battery charging unattended.
  • Charge your battery on the floor, dangling cables can be hazardous.
  • When you charge your battery, make sure unplug it as soon as it finished charging. Do not leave the battery on charger overnight.
  • Do not expose the battery/charger to extreme temperatures.
  • Make sure the battery/charger is not exposed to fire.
  • Make sure the battery/charger does not suffer impact damage.
  • Do not use the charger if the cables are split or frayed.
  • This charger is compatible with a Tower/Samsung 48V/14Ah battery, be sure to check amperage of non-Tower batteries to ensure they are compatible.

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