E-bike Electrical System Overview

The electrical system on an ebike can seem intimidating and like a huge unknown, but this guide will walk you through your Beach Bum or Beach Babe and teach you all you need to know!

Here is also a video breakdown of the electric system:

The Tower electric bikes come with a 48V system, paired with a 500W motor and 14Ah battery. What does this mean though? Without getting into too many details on the science of electronics, the 500W refers to the strength of the battery, the 14Ah refers to the capacity of the battery (how long it will run), and then they are all supplied with 48V. You should not have to worry about these measurements too much, as all Tower parts are available from us and are made to work with our system. These numbers come into play mostly for getting third party parts, which we do not recommend and any third party electronic usage will void the warranty!

Here is a breakdown of your bike and the electronics on it so you can have a visual and name for all of the parts on your Tower ebike! The configuration and parts included will be the same from the Beach Bum V2 to the Beach Babe.

Electric Bicycle Diagram of Electrical Components

And here is a breakdown of the various ends of the wiring harness and where the route to:

E-Bike Wiring Harness

Finally, here is a breakdown of the controller and where the different connections lead to:

Electric Bike Controller

And there you have it, a full breakdown of the electrical system on your Tower Electric Bike! Now that you have a full breakdown of the electrical system, working on diagnosing problems should be a little clearer and easier to walk through. We will discuss how to diagnose and work through electrical problems in the next section.

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