Best Electric Cruiser Bike
Tower named best electric beach cruiser

Winner "Best Value" - (EBR)

March 7, 2020 - - Best eBikes awards are given out yearly by the Electric Bike Review ("EBR"), the world's leading review site of the best electric bike reviews. After rolling out our first e-bike ever in the middle of 2019 (and only electric bike launched to date), the Tower Electric Bike company won the award for EBR's "best value electric bike" in the electric cruiser bike category for 2020.

As a direct to consumer brand, Tower Electric Bikes is laser focused on bringing the highest quality eBikes to market and the lowest price point thru our direct to consumer model. The bar we measure our success on in the electric bike market is being able to offer the best value electric bikes around. This award, right out of the gate, on our first model specifically for the best value electric bike substantiates exactly what the Tower Electric Bike brand is all about. We're not shooting to make the best cheap electric bike or the best budget electric bike (although with our direct to consumer business model, we'll likely have the best ebike price of anything close to boot).

Best Cruiser Electric Bikes of 2020 (Value) - Winner:Tower Beach Bum

...and we'll give ourselves the award for the best looking one as well ;)

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