Tower E-Bike's 100-Point Scale

A Single Point eBike Rating - kind of like Wine Spectator's 100-Point Scale... but for eBikes

Stephan Aarstol

Biktrix Juggernaut Hub Duo Review

The Juggernaut Hub Duo is Biktrix's most popular ebike model. There are a lot of different Juggeranut models that Biktrix sells, including the Juggernaut Hub Duo, the Classic Duo, and the Ultra Duo. The Hub Duo is Biktrix's lower torque model bike, and more of a universal bike for any user. The Hub Duo is capable of both throttle and pedal assist exertion and has a 750w rear drive. Weighing in at 80 lbs, the Juggernaut Hub Duo is quite a heavy bike, unusually heavier than a lot of other ebikes with similar same components. The Hub Duo scored a 70 on our Tower ebike score, but put more faith in the 78 it got on our Specialty scale as it's an eMountain more »
Stephan Aarstol

Rad Rover 6 Plus Step Thru Review

The Rad Rover 6 Plus step through is a more universally fit ebike of the famous Rad Rover Plus series from Rad Power Bikes. The Rad Rover Plus comes with fat tires and features upgraded frame, brake and battery upgrades. The bike scored a 64 on out Tower ebike score giving it a very good ebike rating. Read our full, in depth, Rad Rover 6 review more »
Stephan Aarstol

Rad Rover 6 Plus Review

Our professional mechanics here at the Tower electric bike repair shop review the Rad Rover 6 Plus. The Rad Rover is Rad Power Bikes fat tire off roading ebike made for exploring new terrain. Although the Rad Rover possesses strong hill climbing ability and motor, the bike does struggle in some attributes. The Rad Rover 6 Plus scored a 61 on our Tower ebike score. read more »
Stephan Aarstol

Yamee Fat Bear 750S eBike Review

Yamee makes almost exclusively folding electric bikes, and the Fat Bear 750s is one of their most popular models. With 20 x 4 fat tires the Yamee Fat Bear looks almost identical to most folding ebikes on the market. The bike has great torque and hill climbing ability which helped boost the bike to a 60 on our tower ebike more »
Stephan Aarstol

Rad Mini 2 Step Thru Review

The Rad Mini 2 is Rad Power Bikes second installment of the Rad Mini series. The Mini series features fat tire bikes with a folding middle console for ease of storing and transportation. The Rad Mini 2 that we are focusing on today is going to be the step through model. This ebike scored a 60 on our Tower ebike score giving it a very good ebike more »
Stephan Aarstol

Rad Mini 4 E-Bike Review

The Rad Mini 4 is Rad Power Bikes fourth installment of the Rad Mini series. The Rad Mini is Rad Power Bikes folding electric bike model, made for compact storage and ease of transportation. The Mini 4 possesses a great motor along with exceptional battery capacity, but scored low on maintenance and mechanical quality. The Rad Mini 4 received a 57 on our tower ebike score. read more »
Stephan Aarstol

Aventon Aventure Step Thru Review

Follow along as we review the Aventon Aventure Step Thru fat tire ebike and score the bike on our Tower ebike score. After our professional ebike mechanics detailed every aspect of the bike, the Aventon Aventure ST scored a 54, giving it a mediocre ebike rating. read more »
Stephan Aarstol

Aventon Aventure Review

The Aventon Aventure is Aventon Bikes electric fat-tire mountain bike model. The Aventure comes equipped with Kenda fat tires and front suspension making it a comfortable, universal ride for most. The Aventure scored a 53 on our Tower ebike score giving it a mediocre ebike ranking. To learn more about the Aventon Aventure read our full review. read more »
Stephan Aarstol

Revi eBikes Cheetah Review

The Revi Cheetah is a cafe racer styled electric bike. The cheetah comes as either a 48V with a 13Ah Battery or as 48V 17.5Ah battery bike. For this review, we reviewed the 48V 13Ah model. With a tower ebike score of 51, the Revi Cheetah gets a mediocre ebike rating. It gets a specialty score of 52, also rating it a mediocre more »
Stephan Aarstol

Rattan XL 750 eBike Review

The Rattan XL 750W is Rattan's larger frame, granny geared, electric bike model. The bike has the same frame design as many folding ebikes on the market and comes equipped with an integrated rear rack. The Rattan XL scored a 51 on our tower ebike score giving it a mediocre bike more »
Stephan Aarstol

Sondors Fold X eBike Review

Overall, for the Tower Ebikes score, we give the Sondors Fold X a final score of 51 (with a Specialty Score of 48, if comfort and universality are not factored in. This will be discussed later). This rating is in the mid-tier and considered a good electric bike. In this review, we will delve into the details as to why it merits this more »
Stephan Aarstol

Eahora X7 Review

The Eahora X7 is a folding ebike with a timeless design. It shares a common frame structure with the battery placed in the center. Eahora produces electric scooters, motorcycles, and accessories. Despite low-quality grips, pedals, and an uncomfortable seat, the X7 prioritizes a powerful motor and extended range. Our tower ebike score rates it as a mediocre option with a score of more »
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