Electric Bike Spoke Replacement

While riding on your Tower ebike, you may have a broken spoke from time to time. Similar to your wheel going out of true, this is something that can occur just due to age and riding. The terrain you ride on can also have a big impact on your spoke and wheel health. If you are constantly riding over really rough terrain, or drop down off of curbs frequently, you may notice broken spokes more often. This guide will walk you through how to replace a spoke that has broken.

Please note: spokes usually wear at the same rate. So if you notice that you have multiple broken spokes, or if you have had a couple broken spokes over a short period of time, chances are all of the spokes are worn to the same amount, so just replacing the spokes individually is not recommended. It is usually recommended to either rebuild the wheel, or purchase a new wheel.

Here is a video of the process:

The tools needed for this are:

  • Truing Stand
  • Spoke Wrench
  • 15mm/18mm Wrenches
  • Tire Levers
  • Nipple Driver

Here is the process:

  1. To start off, we have to take the wheel off of the bike. Use either your 15mm or 18mm wrench to take the wheel off (wrench selection depending on front or back wheel).
  2. Once the wheel is off, let the air out of the tube and use the tire levers to remove the tire and tube from the wheel (for more in depth information on how to do this, see our New Tire Install guide). You will also need to remove the rim strip from the wheel in order to access the spoke holes. It may be very tight, but you should be able to get underneath it and slide it over the rim.
  3. With the tire removed, we can now put the wheel into the truing stand. Open up the support arms enough to accommodate the wheel. Once the wheel between the supports, tighten up the supports so the axle is resting on the stand.
  4. Now that the wheel is in the stand, we need to position the guide to the outer edge of the rim. Follow the instructions on your truing stand on how to move that into position.
  5. Once the guide is in position, we now go to the spot with the broken spoke. Remove the broken spoke through the spoke hole in the rim.
  6. With the old broken spoke removed, we will not install the new spoke. Following the pattern from the rest of the spokes, insert the new spoke at the open spoke hole in your wheel hub.
  7. Angle the spoke so the threaded end is over the spoke hole in the rim, push the spoke nipple through the hole, and lightly thread the nipple onto the spoke.
  8. Now that the spoke is threaded and in place, it is now time to true the wheel. Follow the steps in our True Wheels Guide until the wheel is straight and true.

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