Electric Cruiser Bike - Beach Bum 2


Fit riders 5'7" - 6'9"

Our original Beach Bum was awarded the "Best Cruiser Electric Bikes of 2020" in the all-important value metric by Electric Bike Review. For the encore, we made it better! We kept the SoCal beach vibe everyone fell in love with and then made over 20 upgrades to bring you the Beach Bum 2!

Upgraded Components: Hydraulic brakes, cassette gears, a threadless headset, stainless spokes much more

Powerful Hill Climbing: 65NM high-torque 48v/500w motor

Lightweight: Only 52 lbs, with rust resistant aluminum frame

30-60 Mile Range: Finest 48v 14Ah Samsung battery

Highly Flat Resistant: Schwalbe + Kevlar + tire slime

Learn more details on the Beach Bum 2 upgrades by reading the extended description below.

  • Aluminum frame & forks
  • 36H stainless steel rims with 12 gauge stainless steel spokes
  • 26" x 2.35" Schwalbe Fat Frank brown and whitewall tires with K-Guard
  • Slime filled tubes out of the factory with added tire liners
  • 7 speed chrome plated 11-34T cassette gears
  • Premium derailleur
  • eBike specific Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • 1 1/8" threadless headset
  • Adjustable handlebar stem
  • Velo premium saddle
  • Barefoot pedals
  • Heavy duty kickstand
  • Velo contoured grips
  • Samsung 48v/14A lithium-ion battery pack with integrated controller
  • 48v battery charger
  • Tower's 48v/500w brushless geared rear hub motor (65NM torque)
  • Front headlight, and rear light
  • LCD display system (with speedometer, odometer, battery level reading, etc.)
  • All cabling for pedal assist, half throttle, and lighting

Weight: 52 lbs

Wheels: 26" x 2.35" Schwalbe Fat Frank Tires Pre-filled With Slime

Battery: 48V / 14Ah Samsung Lithium-Ion

Range: 30-60 Miles

Motor: 500W Brushless Geared Rear Hub

Control System: Pedal Assist and Throttle

Rear Gear: Chrome Plated 7 Speed 11-34T Cassette

Chain Ring: 52T Forged Aluminum Alloy (topwheel)

Headset: 1 1/8" Threadless Headset

Brakes: Tektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 160mm Rotors

Derailleur: Skilful RD-M230

Saddle Height Range: 35" - 38"

LCD Display: Customized KD58C

Controller: 20A

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

Top Speed: 20 mph

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Electric Bike Perfection

Many e-bike brands make the mistake of adding a motor to traditional bikes designed for recreation and exercise, ignoring that e-bikes are transportation, more like a car. That's why we focus on electric beach cruisers, historically used for transportation in beach communities with a comfortable upright riding position, big seat, raked back handlebars, and balloon tires. Our e-bikes offer a truly comfortable transportation experience, that is life changing in many respects.
Battery quality and capacity is the most important component of an electric bike. It's also the most expensive element. We cut no corners.
As eBikes are transportation, hill climbing ability is crucial. Tower's 500w/48v rear hub motor has 65NM torque, outpacing most "so-called" 750w motors, for exceptional hill climbing performance.
We use only premium hydraulic brakes, flat-resistant tires, and the finest components so you can avoid constant repairs, which plagues the industry.
Our original Beach Bum model was honored with the "Best Cruiser Electric Bikes of 2020" award in the significant value category by Electric Bike Review. Since then, we have made over 20 upgrades to the bike.

The Quality eBike

Premium everything is the difference
We don't aim to cut costs, but to improve quality by using premium components even if they come at a higher production cost. We believe in investing in quality to provide value to our customers. By selling directly to consumers, we offer lower prices for our high-end eBikes. As a result, some customers mistake us with the cheaper eBike brands, when in fact, we just offer $4000 eBikes at about half the price.

TOWER V2.0 e-Bike Upgrades

Upgraded to Hydraulic Brakes

We upgraded to hydraulic brakes to enjoy the convenience of self-adjusting brakes, which anyone that's had an electric bike for some time knows is pretty much a requirement.

Hydraulic brake upgrade for electric bike

In your local bike shop, upgrading from quality mechanical disc brakes to quality hydraulic brakes on an electric bicycle is typically well over a $200 upgrade. Our original Beach Bum used Tektro Aires MD-M300 mechanical disc brakes, which ware some of Tektro’s best mechanical brakes. For the Beach Bum V2.0, we upgraded to Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic brakes. The “e” is for electric bicycle specific brakes.

The primary benefit of hydraulic brakes on an eBike is that they self-adjust. People tend to put a lot more miles on eBikes (you can easily do 20-40 miles on a single outing) and they go a lot faster, which requires more stopping force. Combined, this just means more wear and tear on your brakes and brake pads. With mechanical brakes, you can stop just as fast, but you’ll find you have to constantly adjust your brakes. It becomes a hassle. Hydraulic brakes are self-adjusting every time you pull the brake lever, so that problem is solved. They’re perfect for eBikes.

If you have an eBike that doesn’t have hydraulic brakes, the brand you are dealing with is foolishly cutting cost corners. You’re going to spend a lot of time adjusting your brakes. Just a heads up.

More reliable brakes also have a massive safety component, and you'll have peace of mind that you’ll always have brakes

With Tower’s upgrade to hydraulic disc brakes, you will find that your brakes adjust themselves every time you pull back the brake lever. The way this works is the brake caliper actually floats around your brake disc and the distance the pads pull back from the disc is adjusted every time they close and open. There’s a one-way valve of hydraulic fluid that fills up as the brake pads wear down. Then once your brake pads are worn out (it varies with use, but a good estimate is 1500-2000 miles), then you swap out new ones and start the process all over again.

This constant adjustment of your brake pads means they’ll work every time you get on your eBike unless you need to a major brake repair. In that event, you will likely need to go to a bike shop that can properly bleed the hydraulic brake lines and get things running maintenance free again. This ease of use is in stark contrast to mechanical disc brakes which riders have to adjust every 100 miles or so. With most eBike riders, the reality of this is you’re constantly jumping on your eBike and finding out you have very little breaking power. That’s dangerous.

Hydraulic disc brakes on an electric bicycle essentially reduce the effect of human error and laziness. They're also just massively more convenient. This is precisely why we felt the costly upgrade to hydraulic disc brakes from mechanical disc brakes is well worth it. We also updated the rotors to ones that are both slotted and drilled, which is a more efficient and lightweight rotor design.

An additional safety feature we improved is to have the front light come on at start up for better visibility all around, daytime and night time.

When you turn on the LCD to power up your eBike, your front light will now come on by default. It’s good practice to have it on whenever you are riding your eBike so others can see you better. At night, our lights on by default approach at start-up saves you the step of manually turning the lights on. You still have the option to turn the lights off by pressing and holding the “+” button on your LCD for 2 seconds. Same to turn them back on again, it’s a toggle.

Improved Gear Ratios & Derailleur

We geared up our eBikes to enable pedaling power even while at higher speeds.

eBike gearing and derailleur

We moved to a larger forged aluminum alloy crank and 52T (“52 tooth”) sprocket, and one that is more rust resistant. Our prior chain ring was a 44T sprocket. We also changed the rear cog gearing to an 11T-34T range. The combined effect is that we significantly expanded the range from lowest to highest gear, while increasing the gear ratio of the top gear by a factor of 50%. We sacrificed a little on the low gear, but as our 500W motor is so powerful, there’s not really a downside. We didn’t actually require that low of a gear ratio. You can still tackle any hill with very little pedal effort in 1st gear on our Tower Beach Bum. The critical improvement here is that in the high gears you still will have pedal power to add into the mix if you want to, even at high speeds.

Our original gear ratios on the Beach Bum were 3.14 on the high side (44T in the chain ring over 14T in the rear cog in 7th gear) and 1.29 on the low side (44T in the chain ring over 34T in the rear cog in 1st gear). This was honestly a little overkill for climbing hills in the granny gear with the significant torque in our Beach Bum motor, and then the high-end didn’t leave enough leverage to meaningfully add pedal power at higher speeds with the top pedal assist on.

With our new 52T sprocket on the chain ring, and with moving to an 11T-34T rear gear set, our new gear ratios are better all around. We have a gear ratio of 4.55 on the high side (52T in the chain ring over 11T in the rear cog in 7th gear) and 1.53 on the low side (52T in the chain ring over 34T in the rear cog in 1st gear).

Our new sprocket model is # TL-021 CD130-170 by brand Topwheel. Our prior crank and sprocket was Model #: A443-JA17 from an OEM brand.

We also upgraded the derailleur to improve chain tension and shifting performance.

We upgraded from a Shimano 7s Tourney derailleur to a higher quality derailleur by Skilful with model number RD-M230. While the Tourney derailleur boosts the Shimano brand, with that one you’re basically just paying for a brand not a quality derailleur. The Shimano Tourney derailleur is widely considered a lower quality derailleur. By opting for a quality component first, and worrying about brand second, we were able to identify a great value in the Skilful RD-M230 derailleur.

In a nutshell, the benefits of a good derailleur are accurate shifting and good chain tension. A high quality derailleur has a very strong, durable spring, which is needed to provide adequate tension against the weight of a chain. Additionally, a high quality derailleur has rigid pivot points that eliminate flex in the derailleur as you shift between gears. This ensures accurate shifting.

Improved Flat Tire Resistance

We upgraded to pre-filling tires with tire slime – to further eliminate flat tires. 

tire slime

Our original Beach Bum used premium Schwalbe Fat Frank tires and tire liners to very effectively reduce the frequency of flat tires. E-bikes are far more susceptible to flat tires than regular bikes, so you need to design accordingly. Most eBike companies don’t, and the result is customers end up with a lot of flat tires. Unfortunately, it’s quite a bit more challenging to swap out a flat tire on a rear tire with a hub motor. Quality tires make a huge difference. Adding tire liners adds more protection. While it’s expensive and adds a slight amount of weight, we’ve found that adding tire slime at the factory installation point, in combination with quality tires and tire lines, makes the hassle of flat tires almost completely disappear.

Upgraded Adjustable Stem & Headset

We upgraded to an adjustable handlebar stem to accommodate a wider array of rider height.

Threadless Headset for a Bicycle

Where before our handle bar position was relatively fixed (you could rotate the handlebars up or down, but that’s it), now the handlebar stem can rotate up or down full 40 degrees (as well as forward and back) to better accommodate different height riders and riders with different length arm reach. Additionally, where before our handlebar stem was only secured and tightened by one bolt, there is now a 4 bolt configuration that secures and tightens the handlebars. The result is much less risk of handlebar slippage while riding, and we’ve virtually eliminated any risk of stripping out the handlebar.

We also upgraded to a 1 1/8” threadless headset for increased durability and ease of adjustment.

We upgraded to a 1 1/8” threadless headset to improve the durability, ease of adjustment, and rust resistance of our handlebar headset. Additionally, the more modern design of threadless headsets weigh less than the older technology of threaded headsets matched with a quill stem. Furthermore, we’ve matched our threadless headset with an adjustable neck handlebar stem so our customers can easily and quickly adjust their handlebars to their ideal riding position.

As a direct to consumer brand where our consumers are doing the final assembly on their bikes upon home delivery, the modern threadless headset design also offers the benefit of easier and less messy (no grease required) installation and maintenance. Older technology, with quill stems and threaded headsets create an opportunity for incorrect installation and maintenance. Improperly lubricated quill stems without enough grease (or grease in the right places) can rust and seize up over time.

Threadless headsets also offer the peace of mind afforded by a more solid, mechanical sound configuration than the older technology of a quill stem expander bolt and wedge configuration. Modern mechanical design becomes all the more important on a bicycle that goes upwards of 20 mph on a regular basis like electric bicycles do.

Upgraded Frame, Paint & Mount Points

We upgraded the frame strength & mount points to accommodate rack, seat, and fender add-ons.

Bicycle Frame Painted Matte Black

We have beefed up the rear part of our frame to accommodate an optional rear rack and seat, as well as added mounting points to the frame for these racks and optional fenders on both the front and rear tires. By adding our optional rear rack and/or rear seat, Tower customers can now effectively add cargo bike functionality to our eBike. Our torque optimized 48V/500W motor is already plenty strong to accommodate heavier loads. By adding frame mount points, Tower customers can now add-on our optional fenders to better accommodate wet weather riding.

We also upgraded our matte painting process to improve scratch resistance.

We upgraded our painting process to ensure better scratch resistance. We added an additional layer of both the spray paint and paint baking process. Our process is now four layers, which massively improves the scratch resistance of our matte black paint finish.

Upgraded to a Sealed Cassette

We upgraded to a sealed cassette system to improve overall durability and rust resistance.

eBike sealed bearing cassette

Older bikes and entry level newer bikes use an older technology for the rear gear cluster called a freewheel system. A freewheel systems is a set of gears plus a ratcheting body assembly (what clicks when you coast) in one piece that you thread like a bolt onto a threaded rear axle hub. All the ratcheting action and force from the chain is directed to this freewheel system, which is simply threaded onto the hub. It’s old technology.

One of the problems with this type of freewheel system is that it focuses the load at the center of the axle which can result in a bent axle under high loads. While it works for low-end / disposable bikes, this isn’t the most modern, long-term durability focused design. Over time, freewheels tend to wobble around the plane of the wheels which creates inaccurate shifting or unintentional shifts under load. Additionally, unsealed freewheel bearings can easily rust and get debris in them which can cause them to seize and stop spinning. For these reasons, most quality bikes built to be durable over the long haul these days opt for the more modern design of a cassette system.

A cassette system for the rear gear cluster has the ratcheting functionality built right on the axle of the rear wheel in the form of what’s called a “freehub,” a cylinder mechanism surrounding the axle (this is what clicks when you coast). Everything critical is right on the axle, and in the case of an eBike this means you have to build it into the hub motor, which is quite a bit more expensive. This is why these are somewhat rare on rear hub motor eBikes.

The bearings and ratcheting mechanism of the freehub body are sealed, which lends itself to better rust protection. Additionally, the external surface of the freehub body has long groves (commonly referred to as splines). To add a set of gears to this freehub, you just slide a specialty set of gears (called the cassette) onto the grooves of the freehub. This perfectly mates the two parts together over a span to create a freehub/cassette set of gears that spin true to the plane of the wheel for accurate shifting. Additionally, as this is what’s used on pretty much all modern high-end bikes, you tend to get better rust proof options for the cassette of gears. Our cassettes at Tower are further made rust resistant with chrome plating and an electrophoresis process.

When you are designing the mechanics of a quality eBike with a motor that’s bound to last 10,000 plus miles, you don’t use old technology that’s primarily used on older bikes or entry level bikes in the $100-$300 retail price range to save a few bucks. Unfortunately, it happens every day in the wild west of the cheaply made and poorly considered design of the electric bicycle world.

Improved Rust Resistance

We improved the rust resistance across the board. 

Rust Resistant eBike

There’s no better environment to test the rust resistance of an electric bicycle than right outside our beachfront Tower Electric Bike offices. After testing our original Beach Bum in this harsh saltwater and sand environment for a year, we scrutinized every last component for its rust resistance. And then we improved everything regardless of the increased production costs.

We upgraded our coated steel spokes to coated stainless steel spokes at almost five times the production cost. Our rear spokes are now 12 gauge stainless steel and our front spokes are 13 gauge stainless steel. We upgraded from zinc plated steel spoke nipples to chrome plated copper spoke nipples. We chrome plated our new cassette for the rear gear cluster. We upgraded the pedal spindle by applying an electrophoresis deposition process. And all removable screws everywhere on the eBike were upgraded to stainless steel.

Upgraded the seat lever – to minimize seat slippage

We upgraded the seat lever to the AT-109+SQR-162 by Zoom to accommodate the more robust needs of a eBike. Compared to a regular bike, there is a lot more vibration to an eBike travelling regularly at upwards of 20 mph. Choices about your seat levers and handlebar stems needed to keep everything from shifting during use become all the more mission critical.

Upgraded the Boxing

We upgraded our boxing to better ensure Tower eBikes arrive undamaged.

Tower eBike Box

Knowing what we know from over a decade in the direct to consumer business, we significantly upgraded our eBike box solution to address current inadequacies of the bike industry. Bike factories are use to producing bikes to be sold into the traditional retail distribution channel so bike box design is optimized to accommodate the redistribution of wholesale order lots at the absolute minimum cost. When you move to eBikes, the products become a lot heavier. This creates some problems. More critically, when you move to a direct to consumer model where each box is individually delivered to a customer’s front door by carriers like FedEx, more problems of box and eBike damage surface.

To ensure our customers receive their Tower electric bike in perfect condition, we improved our packaging solution across the board at significant additional production cost. The key to our improvements are:

  1. Building a strong shell –with double wall, double corrugated, heavy duty cardboard
  2. Preventing the transfer of shock - both from external hits to the box and from impacts of one part to another within the box
  3. Filling the box with packing – to make our packaging as close to solid brick like structure as possible. This makes corners and sides more crush resistant so their structural protection holds up over the duration of the delivery process. It also keeps parts from slamming around inside against each other

We achieved all of these objectives above by attacking this problem from many sides. We added a fork plate that secures the front fork directly to the box in the same way the wheel is attached to the front fork. We reinforced the box corners with perfectly molded Styrofoam corner pieces. We used a much stronger box shell. We added six reinforced hand holds to make carrying our boxes easier. We widened our boxes by almost 30% to provide a healthy cushion on each side of our eBikes against side impacts. And lastly we completely stuffed every box with loose fill to eliminate voids, improve crush resistance, and act as a shock absorber from one part to another inside in the event of external shocks. This is an extraordinarily expensive packaging solution, but it’s one you will appreciate when you eBike arrives undamaged. We highly recommend you save the box in case you need to ship your bike anywhere in the future.

Best Electric Beach Cruiser: Direct to Consumer Value

Because we sell direct, we are able to spend money on the highest quality production and components, while still giving you incredible value and a very low price. At Tower, we frequently have to re-educate our factories on the level of quality we want and are willing to pay for. When they tell us, "No one does that because it's too expensive", we argue maybe everyone is doing it wrong, or they are dissuaded by their very expensive middleman-laden distribution channel. We view everything through the value we can deliver with our efficient direct to consumer business model. We analyze if it really adds value and if we can bring that to consumers in a manner that justifies the incremental cost. When it does, we often have an opportunity to introduce better features than what consumers can even find in retail. As evidenced in with our upgrades to the Beach Bum 2, we upgraded over 20 individual specs and increased our production costs by over 20% to bring you a better bike at what we believe to be the absolute best value in the industry. Our business model translates into value for consumers, not profits for a bunch of layers of unnecessary middlemen.

At Tower, we've done the homework for you - we never stop. We've examined all of the true pros and cons of eBike product features. We analyzed the eBike market extensively to separate the marketing fluff from the really important concerns. Then we took a SoCal design mindset to design what we consider is the perfect eBike balancing performance, power, convenience, durability, and style. That was our original Beach Bum. Now we've improved it with our Beach Bum 2. And because we only sell direct to consumer, we can offer you this very premium product at an almost unbelievable price. You'll save about 40% off a comparable eBike in retail.

Can you find a cheaper eBike? Of course, there's a lot of crappy eBikes out there and there's a wide spectrum of components, power, and quality out there. If you are not careful, you may not only buy an inferior product, but you may get a disposable one that you'll really regret purchasing later. We're different. Tower is all about giving consumers direct to consumer value on a premium quality electric bike. If you want that, you've come to the right place.

Upgrades on the Beach Bum 2

Mind you, these are improvements to our original Beach Bum, which was an award winning eBike already!

Major Functional Improvements

  • Upgraded to hydraulic brakes – to enjoy the convenience of self-adjusting brakes
  • Geared up – to enable pedaling power even while at higher speeds
  • Upgraded to pre-filling tires with tire slime – to further eliminate flat tires
  • Upgraded to an adjustable handlebar stem – to accommodate a wider array of rider height
  • Upgraded frame strength & mount points – to accommodate rack, seat, and fender add-ons

Major Quality Improvements

  • Upgraded to a sealed cassette system – to improve durability and rust resistance
  • Upgraded to a 1 1/8” threadless headset – for increased durability and ease of adjustment
  • Upgraded derailleur – to improve chain tension and shifting performance
  • Upgraded painting process – to improve scratch resistance
  • Upgraded rust resistance – to improve rust resistance across the board
  • Upgraded the seat lever – to minimize seat slippage
  • Upgraded boxing – to better ensure Tower eBikes arrive undamaged

Major Safety Improvements

  • Front light comes at start up – for better visibility all around
  • More reliable brakes – for the peace of mind that you’ll always have brakes
Hill Climbing Power, Exceptional Performance, and Only the Highest Quality Components

E-Bike High Performance, High Capacity Samsung Battery

Battery quality and capacity is the most important component of an electric bike. It's also the most expensive element. A lot of cheaper eBikes try to cut costs on the battery part (with small capacity batteries, or generic cells), but that's very short sighted thinking, as you'll sacrifice both motor power and range from the get go, and long term you're battery performance will quickly diminish. At Tower, we use only the highest quality Samsung 48V / 14Ah lithium ion batteries. The Tower Electric Beach Cruiser will easily carry you 30-60 miles per charge. This isn't an exaggeration like you'll find in marketing fluff elsewhere. That's 30 miles with throttle only for an adult male.

There's also a handy USB charging port on the side of the battery, so you can charge your phone in a pinch or bring along a portable speaker. There is a key locking the battery to your bike, and when it's time for a charge you can either charge it on the bike, or remove the battery and bring it with you to charge wherever.

High-Torque Electric Motor for Hill Climbing Power

The power of your motor is the next most important component of an eBike. Don't believe the hype that power is all about watts (i.e. a 750w motor is not necessarily more powerful than 500w, or even a 350w motor) or volts (although, all else equal, a 48v system is more powerful than a 36v system... but things aren't always "all else equal"). A lot more goes into it the power equation. The biggest factor, which is rarely discussed, is torque (NM, or Newton meters). Is it hub drive, mid-drive, or front drive motor? Is the motor geared for speed or torque. What most people really want in power is hill climbing ability, and you need to compare bikes side by side on that to get to the truth of that power question.

At Tower, we use a specifically designed high-torque 500w/48v brushless geared rear hub motor. We sacrifice a little high-end speed for exceptional hill climbing high torque. The torque measurement of our motor is an outstanding 65NM (Newton meter). Our eBike will still go 20 mph, which is plenty fast, trust us, but you'll really appreciate the ability to climb any hill you face. In fact, 20 mph is actually a little too fast and we factory set our speed limiter to 18 mph because that's all most people will want to use. You can unlock the full speed if you like, but most won't need or want that.

Only the Finest Electronic Bike Components

This is a high-end bike, not just a high-end eBike. We did make the world's finest beach cruiser bike prior to coming out with our eBike, after all. We use premium components throughout. We really don't care too much about cutting manufacturing costs as with our direct to consumer model, we only need to mark things up once. This allows us to make product and component decisions focused 100% on quality and performance, not some retail price point we need to target. With our Beach Bum 2, we upgraded over 20 individual specs and in doing so actually added about 20% to our production costs. We did it because it made sense for a cost benefit prospective - you're going to get a much higher quality electric bike that you'll cherish for years!

You get Velo premium saddle and grips for that luxurious tactile feel. You get Schwalbe Fat Frank balloon tires for the most comfortable, and quiet ride. Instead of changing flat tires on the regular, our Tower bike comes with the industry's finest K-Guard Schwalbe Fat Frank Tires pre-filled with flat-resistant slime, and we add an extra tire liner on top of that. Nobody does this. The dirty little secret in the eBike world is that flat tires are a HUGE problem with low quality electric bikes as they try to save a few bucks by giving you crappy tires. This is a problem for all bikes, but a far more serious problem on eBikes as they are heavier, and you tend to venture much farther from home. Flat tires are the #1 complaint on eBikes.

Inflate our balloon tires to our recommended 30 PSI, and you've also got built in shock absorbers without any additional weight. The fact is you don't really need or want shocks for a beach cruiser.

With our 7-speed cassette gear and premium derailleur system, you can climb hills in low gear and speed along in high gear. With pedal assist and our low 1st gear anyone can bike up any hill. With our many upgrades to the Beach Bum 2, we really nailed the new gearing ratios for an eBike. You'll be amazed where you can go.

Lastly, we don't just give you disc brakes so we can say it's got "disc brakes", we give you some of the finest Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, which you'll appreciate as you fly down a hill and need that reliable, consistent stopping power. More importantly, you have the peace of mind of having self-adjusting and relatively maintenance free hydraulic brakes, versus mechanical disc brakes that need to be constantly adjusted.

Our original Beach Bum was highly rust resistant, but the Beach Bum 2 has taken eBike rust proofing to another level. We upgraded our coated steel spokes on the original Beach Bum to coated stainless steel spokes at almost five times the production cost. Our rear spokes are now 12 gauge stainless steel and our front spokes are 13 gauge stainless steel. We upgraded from zinc plated steel spoke nipples to chrome plated copper spoke nipples. We chrome plated our new cassette for the rear gear cluster. We upgraded the pedal spindle by applying an electrophoresis deposition process. And all removable screws everywhere on the eBike were upgraded to stainless steel.

With a beefy rear frame triangle, and added attachment points, our Beach Bum 2 is designed to add on fenders, a rear rack, and a rear rack seat if you like.

Lightweight eBike with Aluminum Frame

Our frame is high-grade, lightweight aluminum, so even when you're not using pedal assist you can ride this bike just fine. This is another problem that's swept under the carpet with cheap eBikes, which tend to be heavy. There are eBikes out there approaching 70 lbs, even folding bikes (which is a hernia waiting to happen). A 70 lb bike is not something you want to pedal back home after your cheap eBike battery dies, and certainly you'll never want to just use it as a bike for exercise.

Our Tower bike is designed to really be two bikes in one. Even with the motor on it, it's still only 52 lbs and you can pedal it just like a regular, non-electric beach cruiser. Remove the battery and even with a motor still on the back hub, at only 41 lbs, this eBike is pretty close to the standard beach cruiser weight. Riding it "power free" is on par with riding your garden variety beach cruiser, just one with far superior components. Also remember, that aluminum frame is highly rust resistant.

Style Is An E-Bike That Looks Like A Regular Bike

If you've never ridden an eBike, one thing might surprise you. There's a fair bit of animosity out there in the purist biking world against eBikes. You'll even get some snide comments from people on two feet sharing your chosen bike path. If you ride past someone on an interurban bike trail or the boardwalk on something that looks more like a motorcycle than a bicycle with its awkwardly tacked on battery pack, a huge mid-drive motor, or heaven forbid noisy fat tires, you'll get some comments. More importantly, you'll just sort of feel like a bit of an idiot. I literally can't even ride one of those fat tire mini-bike looking things in my neighborhood because I just feel like I'm offending everyone, which I kind of am.

At Tower, we wanted to bring cool back to eBikes, so our foundational priority was to make an eBike that just looked like a regular, stylish bike. We wanted no one to even notice. To achieve this, and also have an eBike on the high-end of the eBike power spectrum (because that's critical too), we opted for a low-profile rear hub motor. Most people can hardly even tell the bike has a motor. Then we stylistically positioned the battery pack behind the seat post, and integrated the controller within the battery pack. The result is that most people just casually looking at it won't even notice it's an eBike. That's what we were going for. We literally have to write "eBike" prominently in our advertising, or people think we're just showing them a regular bike. But let me tell you, this is exactly what you want when you're out and about amongst the hard core bikers and strolling down a crowded boardwalk. All you're going to hear is, "Hey, that's a beautiful bike!" when they see the iconic matte black design artfully accented with rich brown grips, saddle, and brown and whitewall tires.

Electric Cruiser Bike LCD Display and Control Settings

The Tower electric bike includes: regular bike mode, pedal assist mode, and throttle only mode. The pedal assist system (PAS system) includes a 0-5 setting, and defaults to 0 when the eBike is turned on. At a pedal assist level of 0, there is no pedal assist. You are in regular bike mode. The throttle does work, however, so you can cruise on throttle only as you like. Pedal assist levels 1-5 give you an increasing level of pedal assist power.

The LCD controller main screen shows you your current battery charge level, your current pedal assist level, and you're speedometer. There is a whole host of features and settings within the LCD display functionality, which you can read about more in the instruction manual, but it includes an odometer, the ability to switch between mph and kph, and the ability to set a speed limiter. For letting others ride the bike but only at a lower top speed, the speed limiter can be set and password protected so no one but you can change it.

Well Boxed & Delivered Undamaged (Guaranteed)

Knowing what we know from over a decade in the direct to consumer business, we've learned how to over engineer our boxes so your order arrives in perfect condition. This isn't the case with most eBikes you get online. We have a fork plate that secures the front fork directly to the box in the same way the wheel is attached to the front fork. We've reinforced the box corners with perfectly molded Styrofoam corner pieces. We use an extraordinarily strong box shell. We have six reinforced hand holds to make carrying our boxes easier. We have big, wide boxes with a healthy cushion on each side of our eBikes to protect against side impacts. And lastly we completely stuffed every box with loose fill to eliminate voids, improve crush resistance, and act as a shock absorber from one part to another inside in the event of external shocks. This is an extraordinarily expensive packaging solution, but it’s one you will appreciate when you eBike arrives undamaged.

Discover A New World with an Electric Cruiser Bike

The beauty you'll discover of having an electric bike is that they make the previously inaccessible, accessible. You can venture not just a few miles from your origination, but 10-20 miles so you can really explore all areas of your surrounding area. Because you can now climb pretty much any hill with pedal assist, you'll find yourself venturing into areas you would have never considered going on a bike before. And because you always have a free ride home, you'll find yourself more open to grabbing the bike and heading out for some exercise. You quickly find that eBikes are not just like regular bikes, they're a whole new level of freedom that didn't exist before.

Tower Beach Bum 2 Unboxing & Assembly Video

The Reviews Are In!

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Love my Tower electric bike

I'm on my second tower beach bum cruiser and I love it. My last bike had over two thousand miles on it, but I keep it in the garage and I lived on beach side in Daytona Beach Fl. My new bike lives in AC and I clean it after every ride on the beach, I'm hoping to get 4 thousand miles out of this bike. P.S. the battery from the old bike works great on the new bike, I have over 600 miles on the new bike already. LOVE TOWER E_BIKES!!!!

David Trombi
Haven’t Stopped Smiling

It’s been years since I enjoyed riding a bike for leisure purposes but ever since my inaugural test ride- up to my most recent trip around the block, I have had a smile on my face from start to finish. The ease of assembly- the great finished look of the bike and the smooth operation all lend to the total satisfaction of our purchase of both the beach babe and beach bum. If you’re looking to pull the trigger on an e-bike, wait no longer.

Shea Wear
Great for the price and power

Has a lot of power for the price. Light weight. Comfy seat. Love the upright beach cruiser style.
Handle bars are flimsy and need to be longer. No front shocks. No wired tail light is a real bummer. The included tail light doesn't last long after charging. Needs a bell.

Terry "Beach Bum" Florida
Love my bike!

I've had my TOWER, "Beach Bum 2" model, electric bicycle for a couple of years now. I had a problem with my hand throttle within a couple of months of ownership, notified customer service and they sent a complete replacement unit which I installed easily. I have added a custom, aluminum rear rack and a basket which has custom beer / drink holders. I usually smoke my pipe when riding and listen to my music. I get funny looks when I ride the manicured, county, paved trails as most of the "Yuppy" riders have helmets, skin-tight riding attire and skinny, racing bikes... me, I am comfortable. I had to install a handlebar "bell" that warns the other riders as I blow by them on the paved trail. I prefer the beaches. Lots of great beach riding along the "Forgotten Coast" of Florida. My TOWER Beach Bum is a reflection of myself and is heavy duty and perfect. No problems... just like me.


Have the Tower cruiser for about 2 years and put 2500 miles no issues whatsoever. just replaced rear tire due to tread wear front tire is fine still. Great bike many compliments along the way. Nothing left to do but smile smile smile....... J Garcia