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Stephan Aarstol

Biktrix Juggernaut Hub Duo Review

The Juggernaut Hub Duo is Biktrix's most popular ebike model. There are a lot of different Juggeranut models that Biktrix sells, including the Juggernaut Hub Duo, the Classic Duo, and the Ultra Duo. The Hub Duo is Biktrix's lower torque model bike, and more of a universal bike for any user. The Hub Duo is capable of both throttle and pedal assist exertion and has a 750w rear drive. Weighing in at 80 lbs, the Juggernaut Hub Duo is quite a heavy bike, unusually heavier than a lot of other ebikes with similar same components. The Hub Duo scored a 70 on our Tower ebike score, but put more faith in the 78 it got on our Specialty scale as it's an eMountain more »