Tower Ebike Torque Specs

When building your Tower electric bike or right after the build process, it is extra important to make sure that everything is tightened down to the proper torque specifications. Not making sure your bike is properly torqued can lead to parts coming loose and the bike being unsafe to ride. To make sure everything is to the proper torque specifications, you will need a torque wrench and the appropriate bits to match. The most important parts to make sure they are torqued properly are the bolts around the stem and handlebars. The appropriate torque specifications for the different Tower components are:

  • Wheel nuts - 20-25 Nm
  • Pedals - 25-30 Nm
  • Seat post clamp bolt - 5-8 Nm
  • Saddle clamp - 5-8 Nm
  • Handlebar stem bolt - 14-18 Nm
  • Handlebar stem pinch bolt - 12-14 Nm

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