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Founded in 2010, Tower is a pioneering direct to consumer beach lifestyle brand based in San Diego. While we’ve diversified into many beach lifestyle product classes today (surf, skate, bikes, etc.), it all began with stand up paddle boards, where we went from unknown start-up brand to an industry leader because of the three tenets of the Tower brand strategy:

  • Quality, uncompromising. We don’t target price points and make a compromised product to fit that. Instead we make the best product available, and they offer it in a direct to consumer only business model at whatever price our production costs dictate.
  • Value, direct to consumer only. Our business model removes middleman so we can offer consumers an unmatched value proposition on a premium quality product. You may be able to find a cheaper price point, but you simply won't find better value on quality. 
  • Service, competent & personalized. We pick up the phone when you call. We give you a remedy when you have an issue, any issue. You can speak directly to the brand executives. Everyone at the company has deep product expertise and is often even involved in product design and development.

Because of this “Quality, value, service” focus, Tower is the most searched brand in the stand up paddle board industry today. We have over 50,000 satisfied customers and we’ve done over $40 Million in sales, making us one of Mark Cuban’s best investments in the history of ABC’s Shark Tank. And we’re just starting. We look at growing a high trust brand as something that happens over 20-30 years.

In 2016, we began a methodical process to set out to do the same thing in the electric bike market, create a leading brand in terms of quality, value, and service. We took our time, first perfecting the beach cruiser, with the Tower Tulum, a rare high-end, belt drive, lightweight aluminum, pedal forward beach cruiser. It’s perhaps the world’s finest beach cruiser.

In 2018, we developed our electric beach cruisers based on what we learned. We used our very own principles in our electric bike shopping guide to create the high end ebikes that we sell. Our first eBike brought to market, the Beach Bum, was named the “Best Cruiser Electric Bikes of 2020” by industry leading EBR (“The Electric Bike Review”). Today, we’ve added a women’s step-thru model and improved upon our original, award-winning design. We believe the Beach Bum 2 and the Beach Babe represent the best value on an uncompromising quality electric beach cruiser on the market. Add to that the service expertise (we have a 12,000 sq ft eBike repair facility in San Diego that works not just on our eBikes, but any brand for local San Diego eBike owners), and you can be confident buying a Tower Electric Bike is a smart money choice on a brand you will love for years to come.

Written by Stephan Aarstol

What Tower Electric Bike Customers Are Saying

Tower Beach Bum 2 Electric Bike

Tower Beach Bum 2

Tower's Classic Beach Cruiser


Trust me

5 Star Review

Review by: Jake B from Salt Lake City on 4/3/2022

I rarely write reviews. I owned the first version of the tower bike and recently bought the exact same bike in version three. You would think after three years I would leave a bad review since I already had to replace my bike. But that’s not the case. I rode the heck out of that thing and traveled with it on a trailer a lot. I put it through major abuse, even off-roading quite a bit around lakes and on trails and for the price it held up phenomenally. I’ve owned 13 ebikes between my two different vacation properties and I thought mini brands. This is the best value guys out there plus it just looks cool rolls smooth and has some unique features that no other bikes under $3000 have.


Love! Love! Love!!!!

5 Star Review

Review by: KatC from Paso Robles on 3/14/2021

I absolutely love my tower bike. The power is amazing and is considerably more than the lower end specialized bikes that cost nearly twice as much. Tower has also been fantastic when there has been a problem. They are on it, they send you need with a smile, and quickly you’re back on the road again! I couldn’t be happier with this bike. I originally thought that I would buy the tower bike as an entry-level and then maybe buy a more expensive bike if I really found I liked the electric biking experience. Now I can’t imagine riding anything but my tower bike!



5 Star Review

Review by: Jake B. from SLC Utah on 10/5/2020

I own 8 ebikes. My kids ride them hard. 4 of my 8 are "off brand" bikes. They are impossible to maintain and repair. TOWER on the other hand is responsive, is US based and had replacement parts. My Tower Beach bike is my FAV of all 8 of my bikes.


Best E Bike you find in the market today!

5 Star Review

Review by: Philip Reilly from Minneapolis Mn on 6/22/2020

OK whenever I make a purchase I do my due diligence. I can say without any reservation that this Ebike is the best bike on the market especially at this price point. By far one of the most comfortable cruiser bikes I’ve ever ridden. Love the simplicity and intuitive Ness of the design. The bike makes me smile whenever I ride it! I had a couple of minor issues with air pressure on my tires but the tower customer service team took care of everything professionally and in a timely manner I would definitely recommend this bike and I can’t wait until they come out with a low rise model so my Wife can get a matching tower model Cruiser.


Awesome Bike at a Reasonable Price

5 Star Review

Review by: Glen Fagin from Westlake Village, CA on 7/18/2020

After shopping around for a "comfortable e-bike" I finally landed on the Tower Bike Cruiser after comparing it to many others from both Specialized and TREK. So far so good...the bike is super comfortable to ride on paved bike paths along the beachfront which is what I wanted in a bike. The motor assist they use is variable and strong, the on board computer is a nice touch and programmable, the hydraulic brakes are very powerful, the light in the front is nice and the look is COOL and laid back! What impressed me most about the bike was the customer service that I received both before, during and after the sale. The staff at Tower really want their customers to be happy and spread the word to others as they feel that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. I am also a fan of Mark Cuban and was happy to support one of his business endeavours.


Electric Cruiser Bike - Beach Bum

5 Star Review

Review by: JanNate from Billings, MT on 6/13/2020

LOVE these bikes!! We ordered two so we could tote along while camping and cruise the neighborhoods. They arrived quickly, were easy to assemble, and we were impressed with the quality and value. The USB port on one was damaged so Tower sent out a new one. The bikes are a blast to ride and we have recommended them to all our friends. I have an inflatable SUP and accessories that are 3 years old and still performing like new! I love doing business with Tower!


I Love This Bike!

5 Star Review

Review by: Johnny Utah from Salt Lake City on 5/29/2020

When I decided to consider purchasing an electric bike I really did my homework. Read this review and you won't have to. The Tower Beach Bum is everything I hoped It would be, and a lot more! I really love this bike.

I live in an upscale planned comunity built around a lake. This bike is perfect for early morning rides along the coast, evening rides through the neighborhood, and quick trips to the store. I can make the 7 mile trip to my office in no time at all. This bike is also powerful enough to ride up the nearby canyon roads.

To be clear, this is not a bike for offroading or touring, which is fine because I never liked the feeling of being hunched over handle bars with my weight on my arms and wrists anyway. The Beach Bum has a relaxed riding position that keeps you upright and well balanced. The saddle is super comfortable and the big tires porvide a smooth glide. This is the perfect bike for running around town and enjoying the scenery.

The control panel gives you the basics without being "over techy". The head and tail lights are bright and well appointed. The 5 ride assist levels give you a nice range between effort and ease, and the responsive throttle is a blast when you don't want to do any work at all. I love this bike!

The support team at Tower has been fantastic to work with. They are courteous helpful and go out of their way to provide excellent and prompt service. My bike was shipped an hour after I ordered it. I needed a part, and it arrived the next day. They have produced many helpful videos online that teach you how to get the most out of your Beach Bum and how to keep it in top condition.

This is a true beach cruiser. You'll be humming Beach Boy songs while you ride. If you want a bike that is casual, stylish and comfy, look no farther. Make this is your next must have recreation purchase! Did I mention that I love this bike?


Tower Has the Power!

5 Star Review

Review by: GaryLL from Laguna Hills, CA on 6/15/2020

I had purchased another bike which was having trouble getting up the steep hills/roads around my house so sold it and bought the Beach Bum. It arrived in 2 days, in perfect condition (unlike the other one!) was easy for me to assemble myself (great since the bike stores are all booked a month out) and I was off and riding the next day after charging the battery overnight.

This bike has the power. It easily gets up the hills without even using the full pedal assist, I've only had to go up to 3 out of the 5 levels. It handles well, is light for an e-bike and feels well put-together. I had a minor problem with one of the pedals and they sent me a replacement the next day. I love this bike!


100% Satisfaction

5 Star Review

Review by: Carlos Carrasco from Houston TX on 6/30/2020

I’m extremely happy with my purchase. The quality and construction of the bike are amazing. I only added some aftermarket fenders so that I can ride it over wet areas and not get my clothes splashed with dirt since I ride it to work. Ever since I bought the bike my car is just collecting dust in my garage.


Tower Beach Babe Electric Bike Reviews

Tower Beach Babe

Step-Thru Beach Cruiser


Beach Babe / Bum

5 Star Review

Review by: Greg from Columbus Ohio on 2/8/2021

This is a very attractive bike. it was easy to assemble. The customer service was very prompt in response and easy to work with. Do the weather here in Ohio, we have not ridden very far however, a few test drives around the block were a HIT! Everyone loved it. We are hoping to get some good use out of them - purchased 2 Beach Babes and a Beach Bum as retirement gifts.


Love my new Beach Babe!

5 Star Review

Review by: Beach Bug from Northern Virginia on 2/10/2021

My bike arrived in perfect condition and was easy to setup. It's winter here so I took it for a test run and everything worked well (but it was chilly...) I'm looking forward to lots of fun bike rides come spring!


Original Beach Bum (2019 Edition)