eBike Repair Basics & Assembly

This section of repair guide will walkthrough basic Tower ebike specs, operation guide, system walkthrough, initial build, and a repair directory.

Bike Specs and System Walkthrough

This section walks through the specs of our Tower Beach Bum V2 and Beach Babe ebikes.

Serial Numbers

This section will show you where to find the multiple serial numbers on your Tower electric bike.

Recommended Tools List

This covers the tools that would be needed for a home mechanic looking to work on their own Tower electric bike. It includes both a basic/essentials list, as well as a more advanced tools list for more in depth repairs.

Operation Guide

This guide walks through how to operate the Tower ebikes. It walks through both how to interface with the LCD display, as well as how to operate the shifting of the ebike.

Initial Build

This guide walks through the initial build of the ebikes straight out of the box.

Proper Torque Specs

This section has all of the proper torque specs for the various bolts around the ebikes.

Proper Care and Maintenance

This section includes a lot of information of regular care and maintenance on your Tower electric bikes. This includes cleaning recommendations, storage, charging, lubing your drivetrain, as well as some smaller services like removing the wheels and adjusting your headset.

Repair Guide/Directory

This section is for if you have an issue with your ebike, but do not know what is causing it. It has various scenarios of problems you may be having with links to what could be causing it and how to solve the problem.

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eBike Repair Basics & Assembly

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