eBike Electrical Repair Guide

This section of the repair guide will cover the electrical system. This is the longest and most in depth section of the repair guide. It will walk you through the entire electrical system, an introduction to electrical troubleshooting, and then walkthroughs of various issues your ebike could have and potential remedies.

Electrical System Walkthrough

This section introduces the electrical system on your Tower Ebike. It walks through all of the components and where they are located on the bike. In order to do electrical troubleshooting and repair, you have to familiarize yourself with the system and its parts.

Introduction to Electrical Troubleshooting

This section will introduce electrical troubleshooting. It will explain how we look at the electrical system and deem what is wrong.

Methods of Electrical Troubleshooting

This section will walk you through how to us various tool that you will use in your electrical troubleshooting.

Error Codes

This section will cover the various error codes that can pop up, what they mean, and how to fix the issue.

Battery Services

This section covers services that you can do to your battery if it is having issues.

Motor Issues

This section covers issues you may have with your ebike motor.

Bike Will Not Power On

This section covers if your bike will not power, possible causes and how to diagnose.

No Pedal Assist

This section covers what to do if your bike powers on and throttle, but there is no pedal assist.

No Throttle Power

This section covers what to do if your ebike powers on and pedal assists, but does not have any throttle power.

Bike Does Not Pedal Assist or Throttle

This section covers what to do if you bike powers on, but does not have any pedal assist or throttle power.

Intermittent Power Loss

This section covers what to do if you bike powers on and throttles/pedal assists, but the bike randomly shuts off or you randomly do not have throttle or pedal assist.

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