Tower E-Bike's 100-Point Scale

A Single Point eBike Rating - kind of like Wine Spectator's 100-Point Scale... but for eBikes

Stephan Aarstol

Riese and Muller eBike Homage Review

The Homage electric bike model from European electric bike brand Riese and Muller is a very well considered electric city bike. Very few bikes are rated this high on the Tower eBike Score scale. It gets a 90 and even higher on it's specialty score when we omit our "comfort" and "universal" ratings. At 64 lbs this e-Bike is a little heavy but it's all done with quality parts. Note that this electric bicycle gets a score of only 4 our our low proprietary risk scale, which means it may be hard to find parts if Riese and Muller were to go out of business or stop supporting this specific model at some point in the future. read more »