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If you are looking to service your Tower electric bike or troubleshoot something that may be going on, then look no further! This is our Tower Ebike Repair and Maintenance Guide! This guide walks through how to do just about any service on your Tower ebike, as well as maintenance information to help keep your Tower ebike riding well for years to come!

If you have any questions on the guide or do not find what you are looking for, please send us an email at info@towerelectricbikes.com

E-Bike Repair Basics & Assembly

This section covers the initial build process, bicycle specifications, operating guide, and proper care and maintenance. It also includes a repair directory which links you to different services based on what is going on with your bike.

Brake System and Services

This section covers the braking system on a Tower ebike, as well as various services you may need to do at some point on your ebike.

Drivetrain and Services

This section covers the drivetrain, which includes the shifting, chain, and sprockets, as well as how to service these various parts that help the bike go!

Wheels and Tires

This section covers both the wheels and tires on a Tower ebike, as well as services for these parts.

Electrical System and Services

This section walks through the electrical system on a Tower ebike, as well as giving a guide to electrical troubleshooting and repair. This guide has sections that help you to diagnose what may be causing your ebike problems, and solutions to get your bike rolling again!

Miscellaneous Services

This section includes how to mount various accessories to your Tower electric bike. This includes things like rear racks, fenders, and seats.

Everything DIY E-Bike Repairs

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eBike Repair Basics & Assembly

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eBike Drivetrain Service Guide

eBike Wheels & Tire Guide

eBike Electric Repair Guide

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