Top 5 Electric Bike Repair Shops in Seattle

Despite it's wetter weather, electric bikes in Seattle are very popular. Seattle was ranked the 8th most walkable city in the United States, meaning it has close proximity of shops and the city layout is well designed for exploring. E bikes in Seattle are great mode of transportation around the city.

Repairing an electric bike can be a difficult task. We recommend all ebike repairs are done by a trained electric bike mechanic. Finding a bike mechanic that will work on ebikes in can be difficult, but luckily we've compiled the top 5 electric bike repair shops in Seattle to help you find a reliable mechanic to work on your ebike

1. Bike Swift

2. Velo Bike Shop

3. Ride Bicycles Bike Shop

4. Seattle Electric Bike

5. JJ's Mobile Bicycle Repair

See our interactive bike mechanic bike to find more electric bike repair shops near you.