San Diego Electric Bike Repair Shops

San Diego is fast becoming one of the biggest hubs(no pun intended) of the electric bike movement. Walk around the city for an hour and you'll see a plethora of electric bikes, many used for commuting. Due to its close proximity to the beach and shortage of parking spots, electric bikes have become increasingly popular in San Diego. The only issue is finding an electric bike mechanic in San Diego can be difficult. Traditional bike mechanics won't touch electric bikes due to their complexities and warranty requirements.Luckily we have identified the top 5 ebike repair shops in San Diego. These electric bike repair shops work on all types of electric bikes, and provide the best service we've found.

1. San Diego E-Bikes (La Jolla)

2. Electric Bike Central

3. SDebike

4. ezeRyders

5. Moment Bicycles

See our interactive map below for more bike shops/ebike repair shops in your local area.