Top 5 eBike Repair Shops in San Francisco

Finding an electric bike repair shop near you in San Francisco shouldn't be too difficult. There are tons of bike mechanics in the city, and almost all will work on any branded electric bike. This is because San Francisco was one of the earlier adopters of the electric bike movement. Generally finding a bike mechanic that will work on electric bikes is a difficult task due to the complexities of different ebikes on the market.Due to the cities hilly terrain, ebiking around San Francisco is almost faster and more dynamic than driving.

Here are the best electric bike repair shops we've found in San Francisco:

1. SF Wheels

2. The New Wheel Electric Bikes

3. Huckleberry Bicycles

4. Towne Cycles

5. Bike Connection

As noted above, there are a plethora of other bike mechanics in San Francisco. Use our interactive map to identify electric bike repair near me.