Bicycle Forks for the Beach Bum 2

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With a 1-1/8" steer tube diameter and a convenient 9-1/2" length, this threadless fork is designed for optimal performance. Crafted from durable aluminum, it offers both strength and lightweight characteristics.

The fork comes pre-installed with a star nut, ensuring easy installation and added stability. With a 100mm axle spacing, it provides a secure and precise fit for your front wheel. The threaded fender bracket boss adds versatility, allowing you to attach fenders for added protection.

For enhanced convenience, our fork features two clip mounts specifically designed for securing brake lines, ensuring a clean and organized setup. Additionally, it includes a hold for an M5 bolt in the crown, perfect for mounting a headlight and increasing visibility during nighttime rides.

Designed specifically for the Tower Beach Bum 2 electric bike. Will not work with other models.
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Electric Beach Cruiser Forks & Installation

The bike fork has many vital roles in the overall performance of a bike. The bike fork is the part of the bike that holds and stabilizes the front wheel to the bike, and also acts as the pivot for use in turning direction. The bike fork also takes the direct force of the braking on a bike, so having a sound bike fork is fundamental. Ideally, your bike fork needs to be as lightweight but sturdy as possible.

The bike fork is the part of the bike that the brake is attached to. Bikes are typically built with the brake caliper bolted to the braze-ons on the fork and then you would have that caliper floating over the rotor which is attached to the hub of the wheel. If you were to squeeze the brake the caliper will grab the rotor and the force will be distributed from the hub up into the fork, so the fork really does the bracing and takes the brunt of the force under breaking load.

This bike fork was made for use in both a threadless or non-threadless bike system. Our electric bikes use a threadless system. For a threadless system, you have a long smooth bike fork and an eighth-inch steer tube that would go all the way through the headset of the bike. There are a stack of spacers and then a stem, which is what the handlebars are attached to, followed by a top cap that compress the whole stack. There is then a threadless top cap for the headset tension so that the front fork moves smoothly left and right, but doesn't rock back and forth when you apply the front brake.

Bike Fork Installation

Bike forks are commonly damaged in shipping if they were not fastened using a fork block. When you ship a bike without the front wheel attached or you move your bike around a lot without the front wheel attached, it's very easy to damage the dropouts on a fork which is the part that receives the front wheel. A bike fork can also get damaged in crashes or if the bike falls badly on its side.

So in that case you would need to replace your fork and it's usually a fairly simple job, but sometimes the fork has to be cut a specific length for the application. If you're going out and buying an aftermarket fork to replace your factory fork or you just want to upgrade to a shock, which is another type of fork with suspension, then you might have to custom cut the steer tube to the size needed for your application. This bike fork we use is cut the correct length for your eBike.

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