If my battery is stolen or damaged is it possible to order a replacement?

If your battery is stolen or damaged beyond repair, you can order a replacement 48v lithium battery for electric bike

We use premium Lithium Ion Samsung batteries on our electric bikes and we urge  customers to take great care of their batteries because they are both a critical component of the ebike, as well as the most expensive. We included a lockable feature in our battery docks for a reason, so use it! You can take your battery with you whenever you are parking your ebike in public to avoid the possibility of theft or rain damage.  

Most common sources of damage to ebike batteries

The battery on your Tower Electric Bike is water resistant, but if water gets onto the casing and is allowed sit for a while it will eventually begin to seep into the casing and will damage the cells inside the battery. If your electric bike has been parked in the rain or gets wet while riding, you should dry it at your next opportunity. 


Batteries perform the best and last the longest when they are at a constant temperature. Fluctuations in temperature will change how the battery will perform and also how long the life span will be, we know that its unrealistic to try and keep your battery at the same temperature all of the time but taking steps here and there can help out. You'll want to avoid exposing the battery to excessive heat like leaving it in the sun or in a car for hours on a hot day, regular exposure to elevated temperatures is sure to reduce your battery life, pretty quickly.


The battery cells are surrounded by an outer casing which provides a certain level of protection from shocks and vibrations, but it is not a case that will be safe in all collisions or impacts. We advise our customers to either keep the battery on the ebike or place it on the ground while charging. This is to avoid the possibility of anything pulling on the charging cable and causing the battery to fall and sustain an impact. If you are in an accident while riding your ebike, your battery is in a position where it shouldn't make any contact with the ground but you should always check for signs of impact. If your battery sustains an impact and it looks damaged, please reach out to us and we can offer some advice on the best course of action to take.  

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