How to Install Electric Beach Cruiser Accessories
eBike Basket

Electric Beach Cruiser Accessories

Adding a front basket, rear rack, and fenders to your bike has never been easier. With our Beach Bum’s large, open, aluminum frame, users can easily add on any bike accessories where they see fit. Here at Tower Electric Bikes we wanted to give our customers the freedom of adding their own racks and accessories, thus making our bikes completely customizable. The Beach Bum’s extremely versatile frame has tons of access points to attach any add-ons and comes pre installed with a rear hub for easy mounting access.

While we are working on sourcing our own Tower branded bike accessories, we’ve found some great options currently on the market that are tested and proven to be compatible with our eBike. Here are some of our favorites:

Front eBike Baskets:

Wald 133 Quick-Release Bike Basket

We highly recommend the company Wald in general for all bike accessories. Their easy to install and tight fitting makes their baskets some of the best in the business. The reason we particularly like this basket is its quick release, making it the perfect shopping basket as well!

Wald 198 Multi-Fit Basket

Probably the most sturdy front basket on the market, and able to withstand a lot of internal weight is the Wald Multi-Fit Basket. Attached at the front axel nuts, this basket is our favorite for stability and holding heavy luggage.

eBike Back Racks

Wald Rear Bike Rack

Smaller and more compact than traditional ebike back racks, but packs a punch. Still able to withstand 25+ lbs and effortlessly matches the Beach Bum's aesthetic. Has room for adding more accessories ontop or on the side of the rack itself.

Rear Rack for an eBike

Bontrager BackRack MIK Size Large

The sturdier, larger, back rack option we've found for the Beach Bum. Very easy installation, larger surface area and weight capacity make this our favorite back rack.


These are just a few of our favorite racks on the market, and that match the color and aesthetic of our Beach Bum. There are hundreds of other options on the market, and almost all will be compatible.

When we sought out to create our award winning electric beach cruiser bike we wanted to make an outstanding electric bike that still looked and functioned like a classic beach cruiser. Many eBikes on the market are overproduced with features that look advanced, but really just take up space, resulting in these “bikes” looking more like motorcycles. With these eBikes you are restricted to specific back racks and front baskets that may already be permanently installed onto the bike. There’s no room for customization! We wanted to fix that, and make our bike an open canvas for our customers to design as they please!

If you’ve found a great accessory fit on your Tower eBike send in a photo to our team at We love seeing photos of all the different setups our customers have made on their Beach Bum’s!