Electric Bike Seat Considerations

The bike seat is often the most overlooked part of an electric bike. However, it's one of the most important parts because it's the part that immediately brings comfort during your rides. If you're not comfortable riding, you're not going to want to ride. In this article, we will look at a few of the most common seats that are used in ebikes.

"Moto-Style Seats"

To start with, we will be looking at stereotypical motorcycle styled stretched seat . This seat is typically used in electric bikes with a moped style, which is characterized by a long motorcycle-style seat. It's commonly found on Super 73's, and other ebikes that want to look more motorcycle driven. These seats tend to be fairly comfortable, given that it is wide and plush, and it can even fit two people with the spacing. However, it’s important to note that just because it can fit two doesn’t mean that the bike can and was designed to transport two people. Every ebike has a weight limit and they usually don't exceed 300+ lbs. With 2 riders on an ebike you will notice considerably less torque, and may even add more strain on your tires. 

Velo Saddle

Comfortable, stylish seats are also popular on higher end ebikes. The image above is a Velo seat, which is used on our very own electric cruiser bike. Velo is a popular name within the bike seat industry and is known for quality, good looking has a nice flare up in the back which adds to its great ergonomic design for a comfortable ride. Underneath it you will find spring supports for added comfort. We highly recommend this kind of seat for cruising around with your ebike.

Selle Royale

The Selle Royale is a common bike seat usually seen on regular mechanical road bikes. This is an interesting seat, and one you’d typically find on hybrid style electric bike like the Sondors Fold X. It’s fairly comfortable. However, it leans more into the fitness kind of style. It has a gel saddle that gives you a great cushion but the seat design itself doesn’t have too much ergonomics in it and it’s a little flat.

Cheap, Low-Quality eBike Seats

The next one is the seat used in the RadRunner bike. This seat has absolutely zero suspension and almost no cushion. Underneath it, there is only just hard plastic into the post, which doesn’t give much, if any, comfort to the rider. The seat post is also welded on, so if you need to replace your seat you would also need to replace your seat post.

This is a common practice in some bike companies to cut costs. They might have a nice motor, and other decent components, but they will also cheapen out on some parts like the bike seat.