Lightweight Electric Bike Considerations

Lightweight Electric Bike

The weight of an electric bike can be a determining factor when choosing an electric bike. Electric bikes weigh more than traditional bikes because of the added motor and battery as well as the cords that connect everything. All of these components can add over 40lbs to the bike in some cases, compared to non-electric bike. As you can see by the weights below, Tower’s electric cruiser bike is significantly lighter than its competitors due to its aluminum alloy frame and streamlined design. 

Weights of Various Electric Bikes

RadCity 4: 64 lbs

Magnum Ranger: 74 lbs

Tower Beach Bum: 49 lbs

Blix Sol: 64 lbs

Electric Bike Company Model X: 53 lbs

Lifting your Electric Bike

It is a good idea to ensure that your ebike is switched off before you lift it, particularly if there is a throttle control on the handlebars. When lifting the bike up to an apartment or over obstacles, if you are not used to having a throttle control on the handlebars it can be easy to slip your hand over the throttle and cause the bike to accelerate and lose control causing injury or damage to property. Also, you should take off the battery before lifting as it will significantly reduce the weight of the bike. On the Tower Beach Bum, the Samsung lithium ion battery weighs about 8 lbs. 

We recommend that you always lift your ebike by the frame between the handlebars and the saddle. This will ensure that the bike is equally balanced. The majority of the weight in the ebike is in the rear due to the location of the battery and motor. Because of this, ensure you have a firm grasp of the whole frame before lifting. Be sure not to pull on any electrical or brake cables while lifting as, over time, this may cause them to malfunction. Electric bikes are heavy and difficult to lift by yourself, removing the battery will make this job considerably easier. If necessary have someone help you lift the ebike to avoid injury or damage to your ebike.

Lightweight Electric Bike Speed

Another advantage to having a lighter electric bike is that it will allow you to go faster. Because the weight of the bike and the rider play a significant role in the speed and torque of the ebike, having a lighter bike will allow you to go faster more efficiently. Additionally, since it is lighter, the ebike will require less energy to power therefore using less of the battery. This will allow the rider to go further on one charge.