How to Shift Gears on a Bike from Tower

The main purpose for gears on a bike are to help you ride more efficiently and sustainably. As you ride your bike, you may run out of energy and need to shift into a lower gear to make the ride easier. Gears are one of the most important aspects of the bike that make it enjoyable to ride. Because of this, it is paramount that you understand how to use your gears properly so that you can optimize your enjoyment.

How to Change the Pedal Assist Level on a Tower eBike

To change the pedal Assist(PAS) level on your Beach Bum E-Bike simply push the blue ”+” button on the right handle if you want to go into a higher gear. If you want to go into a lower level, push the blue "-" button.

Gear Spectrum

We found that 7 gears is the perfect amount for an everyday beach cruiser that's designed for riding on the street. We went for a Shimano 7-speed gearing system to allow for seamless gear changes. The reason that we add gears is to allow riders to choose the amount of exercise they get or to extend their battery range if they are taking a long route (e.g. pedaling in gear 7 on PAS level 1 will get the most range possible from your ebike).

Understanding what gear to use on different terrains is important to having an enjoyable ride on your ebike. For example, if you are going uphill you will want to use a low gear(1-3) as it will make your climb easier. If you are cruising on flat ground or going downhill you will want to use a higher gear to get the most out of your movement.

Parts that Make Up the Gears

The parts of the bike that allow you to shift gears are known as the drivetrain. They consist of:

  1. Shifters
  2. Chain
  3. Rear Cassette
  4. Derailleurs
  5. Crankset

Each of these components of the drivetrain are critical to performance of the e-bike.

Shifters- The shifters are on the handle of the ebike. The function of the shifters is to adjust the chain from your front crankset and back cassette. This effectively changes the gears of the bike.

Cassette: The cassette is on the right side of the back wheel on your Beach Bum ebike. This cassette is a high quality Shimano cassette. There are a set of gears within the cassette and each gear has several teeth on them that connect to the chain. Because this E-Bike is a 7 gear bike, there are 7 cogs on the cassette. Each cog corresponds to a different gear.

Derailleurs: The derailleur is the part of the drivetrain that moves the chain from cog to cog, changing gears. The derailleur is on the right side of the back wheel and is connected to the frame’s derailleur hanger.

Crankset: The crankset is located next to the battery and right side pedal. The Beach Bum e-bike has a singe crankset. The crank set has several teeth on it that connect to the chain.

Chain: The chain connects the teeth of the crankset and the teeth of the cassette. When you pedal the chain turns the cassette and the crankset, which then turns the wheel.

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