Gas Bicycle –vs- eBike

Environmental Impact

In today’s increasingly urbanized world, commute times for small distances are getting longer and longer. This means more cars on the road, burning more fuel and putting more carbon emissions into our atmosphere. But with the advent of the e-Bike, you can enjoy your commute more while making a lasting difference in the fight to save the environment. 

eBike Environmental Impact

Here are 5 reasons how Tower e-Bikes help you be environmentally conscious.

1. Zero Emissions - The biggest and most notable difference you’ll make riding your Tower e-Bike to work instead of driving is the complete elimination in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 tons of CO2 each year!¹ Your Tower e-Bike emits ZERO.

2. Renewable Energy Option - Unlike gas-powered vehicles, electric-powered vehicles like Teslas and Tower e-Bikes are able to take advantage of renewable energy. Most electricity in the U.S. is generated from renewable domestic sources.

3. One Less Car - Riding your Tower e-Bike on your commute removes one more car from the road, lowering your own carbon footprint and helping decrease traffic. Reducing traffic helps everyone get to where they need to be faster, reducing the time each car is running which lessens CO2 emissions.

4. Less Maintenance - Tower e-Bikes are incredibly low maintenance. Exceptional build quality will keep yours running for miles and miles, requiring only the normal low-cost maintenance of typical bikes. Compared to auto repair shops, bike shops have a much smaller impact on the environment.

5. Embracing the Mindset - Going green by cruising around on your Tower e-Bike is a conscious choice to have a positive impact on the environment. And it’s fun! When you pair pleasure with this mindset, it makes it easier to embrace other environmentally friendly life choices. The Tower e-Bike can be the catalyst to your help in saving the planet.

Gas Bicycle Environmental Impact

Gas bicycles have been around for decades as the predecessor to electric bikes. Gas bikes differ greatly from electric bikes. A gas bike requires a motor, transmission, carburetor, and gasoline canister among many other parts to function properly. 

A gas powered bike does provide some unique advantages that cars and electric bikes can't provide. Compared to cars, gas bicycles provide much more fuel efficiency. An average gas bicycle gets about 100 miles to the gallon far exceeding any gas powered car. One advantage a gas bicycle has over an eBike is the range. Since a gas bicycle can go about 100 miles to the gallon, it exceeds the range of most electric bikes that can go 30-6- miles on one charge. Another advantage a gas bike has over an ebike is the speed. Some gas bicycles can get up to 35 mph, allowing you to race past ebikes that go about 20mph. 

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 Advantages an E-Bike has over a gas powered bicycle

Another advantage that an ebike has over a gas bicycle is the weight. While most electric bikes are around 50 pounds, gas bikes can get over 70 pounds due to the size of the gas tank. The more weight the gas bicycle carries the slower it will go and the harder it will have to work to get there, therefore using more gas. 

A functional advantage of an ebike over a gas bicycle is that you don’t have to take the ebike to a gas station to give it power. You can simply plug it in to an outlet at your home and charge it for a fraction of the price of a gallon of gasoline. 

The noise and smell of a gas-powered bicycle is another major downside compared to an electric bike. Gas bicycles can make obnoxiously loud noises when the engine is revved up, similar to the noise of a motorcycle. Meanwhile, electric bikes are virtually silent while they are being ridden. The smell is yet another aspect that the electric bike has an advantage in over the gas bicycle. The burning of gasoline can leave a pungent smell that is toxic. An electric bike releases no smell and is 100% clean for the environment.

The installation process is another advantage that an electric bike has over a gas-powered bicycle. Most electric bike companies ship their bikes almost completely put together. Usually all you have to do is attach the handlebars, front wheel, and battery and then your ready to ride. Installation requires little tools and not much expertise; therefore ebikes can be built by a bike novice in under an hour. However, on the other hand, gas bicycles require intermediate to advanced knowledge about how a gas engine works. Additionally, gas bicycles have many more parts and take at most a few days to install.

The lifetime upkeep and maintenance is yet another advantage that the e-bike has over a gas bicycle. Just as a gasoline powered car requires schedule maintenance, so too does a gas powered bike. An electric bike will require far less maintenance over its lifespan saving you a lot of money.

An additional advantage of ebikes are the features such as a speedometer, rear and tail lights that are powered by the battery, and a USB charging port that is part of the battery so you can charge your iPhone or speaker. Gas bicycles don’t come equipped with any of these necessary features. 

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