Electric Touring Bike Pre-Ride Checklist

To ensure that your Tower Electric Bike is in a safe condition to ride, we suggest that you follow complete these checklists both before your first ride and before every ride in the future.

Before Your First Ride

  • Be sure that your front wheel is properly secured in the front fork and tightened to the correct level of torque (45 Nm).
  • Test that your tires are inflated to the correct level of pressure
  • Check that all wiring connectors are plugged in correctly. Some cables can come loose while the ebike is in transit and loose wiring can cause a sudden loss of power.
  • Ensure that your handlebars are securely in place by vigorously moving the bars side to side and up and down. You shouldn't feel the down pipe of the cross bar slip at all while performing this test.
  • One at a time, lift the front and rear wheels off the ground and spin them. Once they are moving, first test the brakes gradually and then sharply. Your brakes may rub straight out of the box which is normal and will go away after use.
  • Make sure that your pedals are sufficiently tight. You should install and tighten them using a pedal wrench or long wrench. These should be torqued to 35 Nm.
  • Ensure that the battery is correctly in the dock and is locked into place.
  • Turn on the LCD Display by holding down the MODE button for 2 seconds and then releasing. This will indicate that all connections are tight and your ebike is good to go.
  • Final Step: Enjoy your first ride on your new Tower Electric Beach Cruiser!

Before Every Ride

  • Check that your handlebars and down pipe are secure.
  • Check that the front and rear wheel nuts are sufficiently tightened.
  • Ensure that the battery is correctly locked into the dock.
  • Test that the brakes are working correctly.
  • Make sure that your saddle is aligned correctly and is secure.
  • Wheels, gears and spokes are clear of any dirt and debris.
  • Check that your tires are sufficiently inflated.

Check out our guide for electric bike safety