Electric Bike Throttle Standard on Tower eBikes

Electric Bike Throttle

Tower electric bikes come standard with both pedal assist and throttle drive modes. When developing the Tower electric cruiser bike, we found that having both drive systems was better than one as it gives riders the option of how they want to ride and the level of exercise they would like to get.

When riding an electric bike with a throttle system we recommend taking it easy to begin with until you get more comfortable. Since having an electric motor assisted bike is new for some people, we recommend getting used to the ebike in an open space. Start at a slow speed and work your way up until you are comfortable at full speed. See more about the different eBike types and drive systems on electric bikes.

E-Bike Throttle vs. Pedal Assist

Electric Bike Throttle

An electric bike throttle allows the rider to use only the motor to propel the ebike forward. Unlike a pedal assist ebike, the rider does not have to pedal for the motor to assist the rider. The rider simply has to turn the throttle to start the motor that will power the wheels forward. Similar to a motorcycle or moped, the throttle gives the rider complete control of the ebike. If the rider wants to ride at full speed they can crank the throttle all the way. If the rider wants to cruise at a low speed they can easily do that as well. Additionally, if they want the motor to turn off all they have to do is let go of the throttle and the motor will immediately stop. Pedal assist electric bikes can be harder to control because they vary on how much assist they give depending on how hard you pedal. Also, pedal assist electric bikes have different levels at which the motor can assist the rider which can make it difficult to tell how much help the motor will provide. 

There are three different types of electric bike throttles on the market; full twist, half twist, and thumb controlled. The Tower Beach Bum comes equipped with a half twist throttle. The half twist throttle is the most common type of throttle in electric bikes. Similar to a motorcycle or moped, the rider simply has to turn the half twist throttle downward to start the motor. A thumb throttle is another type of electric bike throttle. While thumb throttles are not as popular on electric bikes, they are commonly found on scooters such as Limes and Birds. A thumb throttle works by pushing the thumb paddle forward to start the motor and then releasing it to slow the motor down. A full-twist throttle requires twisting the throttle in a complete circle to maximize the speed of the ebike. This type of throttle is rare on electric bikes and is more common on some motorcycles. 

Pedal Assist

A pedal assist electric bike, also known as pedelec, is an electric bike that provides power as you pedal. As you pedal, the motor detects the movement of the pedals and kicks in to provide assistance. For those who like the feel and functionality of a normal bicycle, a pedal assist bike will be most similar, as you will have to pedal to move. One major advantage of a pedal assist electric bike is that the battery will last longer than a throttle ebike because it does not take up as much energy. Since a throttle bike requires all motor and no physical power, it uses more energy to propel the ebike forward. Additionally, pedal assist electric bikes have different levels of assist. For example, on the Tower Beach Bum there are 5 different levels that you can set the pedal assist to. For maximum assistance, set the assist to level 5 to help you get up steep hills or use it if you simply don’t want to expend a lot of energy. On the other hand, level 1 pedal assist provides you with a little assistance and is better if you want the traditional bike feel or want to get some exercise. 

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