Electric Bike Amazon or Direct to Consumer

Buying online is really the only place that consumers find value these days. Yes, buying from a traditional brick and mortar store allows you to sit on and feel the electric bike before you make the purchase but that's where the benefits run out. The prices that electric bikes go for in retail stores include multiple mark-ups that online, direct to consumer brands, e-bikes direct, simply don't. That means you'll either get a much higher quality ebike for your money or you'll get one of the same quality as your favorite one you saw at your local bike shop, for half the price.

Buying online also allows you to make use of a vast amount of information. Online brands develop these electric bikes themselves and in doing so, they become experts in every aspect of them. So reading a company blog or FAQs page should give you the knowledge to make an informed decision, which is better than some college student working part time in a local bike store.

When shopping online for anything, there's a huge variety of products to choose from. Typically physical bike stores will only carry a particular brand or a particular style of ebike which can limit consumers.