Is it safe to ride my ebike in the rain?

Yes. The parts on your Tower Electric Bike are water resistant so riding in the rain is totally fine. We urge riders to take care when riding in wet conditions as traction can be lost very easily and is something that happens without any notice. Visibility is also reduced in the rain so we advise wearing bright colored clothing and use the lights on your ebike to make yourself more visible to drivers and other road users.

If you ride your ebike in the rain we advise that you dry off all components at your nearest opportunity to ensure that water doesn't get into the housing of the critical components. While the components are water resistant, over time if there is water on or around the components casing, it is possible that it can seep in and cause some damage.

Always store your ebike indoors and when storing inside is not possible, store it under cover. Rain will cause damage to your Tower ebike if it is stored uncovered in heavy rain for a prolonged period of time.