e-Bikes Direct to Consumer

We only sell direct. No retailers, nor distributors, no commissioned sales people. We're the brand, the importer, the super efficient storefront, and the marketing arm all rolled up into one. We handpick the best manufacturers from around the world. We use our internet marketing expertise to reach thousands of shoppers on our website each month before we even spend a dime on advertising, so our marketing costs are minimal. We're young and hungry, so our overhead costs are kept to a minimum. We pass all this savings on to you. The result is you save a ton on some of the finest electric bikes and beach cruisers.

Don't just take our word for it. Ask our customers!

Our paddle board business grows primarily on the word of mouth of our happy customers. Check out the number and quality of our reviews on Amazon, as well as on our own site. Nothing is going to change with our electric bikes, same company, same model, same customer rapport. We provide value on quality.

The best priced "quality" electric bike on the market

Our electric bike stacks up very well against the competition, and at $1500 it's the best value proposition on the market by a wide margin. By competition, we’re referring to economy priced ebikes. These are the bikes that will run you $2000+ in a retail store and have brand names with a good history. We're not talking about the crappy, rattly and short life-span ebikes. We don't pretend our ebike is the best electric bike on the market, but we do make a strong case that it is the best value you will find anywhere.

Tower to the People

People buy Tower products directly from us from all around the world - through our website, by calling us, or locally by visiting our brand experience store a few blocks from the beach in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Being a direct to consumer brand allows us the freedom to do two things very well:

1) You spend less, while we spend more - We create amazing products at prices traditional companies can't match. We don't look at how cheap we can make something, or how everyone else makes something, we look at how awesome we can make something. We care less about what it costs to produce because we only have to mark it up once, whereas traditional retail products are marked up 4-5 times their manufacturing cost to account for their brand margin, wholesaler margin, retailer margin, and sales people commissions. As a result, we can afford to produce a superior product and sell it at nearly half the cost.

2) You talk, while we listen - If you have a question, you email, call, or walk in and talk directly to us... the people behind the brand, who designed the product, who do the product testing, who know almost everything there is to know about the product. By talking and directly interacting with our customers every day, we have our fingers on the pulse of beach lifestyle consumers. If you have a suggestion, we're all ears. This helps us make our existing products even better, and develop amazing new products with head spinning speed to market. And, of course, if one of our customers ever has a problem, we fix it directly.

Still wondering if you should take the electric bike Amazon option, or buy direct to consumer? Click the Amazon article link above.