48V eBike Battery Recharging Recommendations

On electric bikes with lower end batteries and battery cells this is the best practice however, with our batteries we do not advise running them to empty before recharging every time. When batteries run off very low levels of charge, they come under additional strain when trying to extract the remaining power that is available, increasing the level of wear on the battery in the long run. Aiming to run your battery to empty will also put you at risk of running out of juice during your ride and face having to physically pedal for the rest of your journey, which on an electric bike is a lot harder because of the added weight of the motor, battery and heavy duty components.

For commuters and riders who often take long journeys, utilizing much of the battery capacity, we suggest recharging after each use. Deep discharging the battery (running the battery down to zero charge) is good to do every once in a while as it re-calibrates the battery’s power gauge however, this should only be done roughly every 30 charges (once a month for regular, long distance riders). For all other times, in order to take better care of your battery and maximize its lifespan, we recommend that you allow the charge to run partially down (to about 25%) and then top it up.

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