Electric Bike LCD Display (V1)

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Check any information you need with a glance with the Tower LCD Display.

Key Features:

  • Clear display layout, featuring critical metrics
  • Trip data storage, including trip time, trip distance and total distance
  • Adjustable backlight
  • Integration with eBike systems and accessories
  • General and advanced settings menus to completely customize your eBike

Compatible with the original Tower Beach Bum.

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Extended Product Information

Electric Bike LCD Display Screen

Clear Display Layout. The main interface has all of the critical information clearly displayed. The focal point of the display is the bike speed. Battery level, power level and pedal assistance level are all clearly displayed surrounding the speed. While riding, it is not recommended to leave the main interface, but when stopped the following informational interfaces are available: trip distance, trip time, average speed, and max speed.

eBike LCD Display Interface

Adjustable Backlight. The backlight on this display can be adjusted for low-light riding conditions.

Intuitive Bike Controls. The LCD system was designed in tandem with the Tower eBike controller (V1) to provide a seamless connection between the bike and the rider. For example, if you are pushing your bike up a steep hill, you can hold the [-] button for two seconds, and the bike will move forward at a uniform walking speed (push-assist mode). The bike headlight is also integrated, and can be toggled on/off by holding the [+] button.

Quick Access to General Settings. The general settings interface can easily be accessed to adjust the following: 

  • Trip distance reset
  • Display units (mi/km)
  • Speed limit
  • Power bar voltage thresholds

Password Protected Advanced Settings. The advanced personalized settings are protected by a customized password. That is because they are pre-set to Tower's recommended settings, and can significantly affect the performance of the bike if they are changed. The advanced settings include: 

  • Pedal assistance power ratio
  • Slow start up delay 
  • Backlight brightness 

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