Rad Electric Bikes -vs- Tower Electric Bikes

Tower and Rad are very similar companies, we both sell direct to consumers and have an exceptional value proposition; we both sell high end bikes at affordable prices for everyday consumers. Despite our similarities there are some differences between us, some of which we’ll explore below.


  • We both have a direct to consumer business model. This means that we work directly with our manufacturers and sell directly to customers through our websites and nowhere else. This allows us to focus on creating high end products without needing to charge high end prices so we pass the savings of excluding distributor and retailer margins onto you.
  • At Tower we saw a problem with ebikes at the lower end of the market, they simply wouldn’t hold up for everyday use so we wanted to make ebikes a viable transport option for consumers. Both Tower and Rad electric bikes are designed and built to be robust and to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday riding.
  • Being direct to consumer companies, we deal with our customers ourselves so providing best in class customer service and support is central to our brands. This is clear through the rapid response times of our friendly teams and our 1 year manufacturer warranties, which are among the longest and most comprehensive in the industry.


  • Rad position themselves as “Fat Bikes” that are built for everything. Their multi-bike lineup allows them to have a bike for a range of activities and needs; off-roading, commuting, cargo and a foldable option. At Tower our beach cruise is designed for leisure riding and commuting, not off-roading.
  • Rad’s product line of multiple bikes, which are quite different from each other, appeal to different customer groups and try to be all things to everyone whereas at Tower, we try to hone in on our target market of leisure bikers and commuters with our single beach cruiser.
  • Rad Power Bikes feature 750W motors but at Tower we offer a 500W. While developing our ebike, we found a 500W motor combined with a 48V/14Ah battery to be plenty to power us up even the biggest hills in San Diego.