Pedego Bikes Versus Tower Electric Bikes

Tower Electric Bikes and Pedego have many similarities but, at the same time, are quite different for a couple of reasons. The biggest difference is price, of course. Here we’ll outline some of the points of similarity and difference between the two brands.


  • The largest similarity between the two brands are their customer centered approach. At Tower we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and it is clear that Pedego do too. Rather than cutting costs or over charging for our products, we believe in growing our businesses from a strong foundation of excellent customer experiences.
  • We both use geared rear hub motors. We chose this style of motor because of its low need for maintenance, unobtrusiveness and light weight.
  • We are one of the few brands that make an electric beach cruiser. With Pedego located in Irvine, California we share the same So Cal roots as well as the thought that a beach cruiser e-bike would be a no brainer.


  • Pedego mount batteries in rear cargo rack. When developing our electric bike, we found that batteries that were housed at the rear of the bike tend to get bumped around and get damaged more easily than batteries mounted in on the down pipe of the frame, due to a higher moment of force they experience.
  • The battery is one of the heaviest components of the electric bicycle. We found that a rear mount together with a rear hub motor put too much weight towards the rear where as a down pipe mount made riding feel more like a traditional bicycle.
  • Unlike Pedego, you will never see a Tower Electric Bike in a retail store (unless it is our own, located in San Diego). That is because our company operates on a direct to consumer basis where we work with our manufacturer and sell direct through our website, only. This allows us to focus on keeping our prices low without sacrificing quality, with Tower you save over 50% on the cost of a Pedego ebike.