Electric Bikes Near Me - Contact Tower

Electric Bikes Near Me - Contact Tower

Call us: Toll Free: (866) 622-4477, Standard (858) 362-4082

Email us: info@TowerElectricBikes.com

Visit us: Our eBike showroom is inside the Tower Beach Club

Electric Bike Retail Store

1010 Santa Clara Place, San Diego, CA 92109

Summer Hours (June 1 - Sept 30)

At Tower we invented the 5-hour workday in 2015 and spread the idea to tens of millions of people around the world. Our whole team currently works a 5-hour workday in the summer. Learn more or pick up The 5-Hour Workday book our CEO wrote on our experiment in improving work life balance in the modern world.

eCommerce Support Hours (PST)
Monday-Friday 8:30am-1:30pm

Showroom Hours
Monday-Friday 10am-1:30pm

Fall/Winter/Spring Hours (Oct 1 - May 31)

eCommerce Support Hours (PDT)
Monday - Friday 8:30am-5:30pm

Showroom Hours
Monday - Friday 1pm-5:30pm