eBike Warranty | Tower Electric Bikes

eBike Warranty Info

Tower eBikes are covered under a one year comprehensive warranty for the original owner against any defects arising due to manufacturer error. As per our shipping policy, replacement parts shipped under warranty can only be shipped within the USA (excluding US territories, Alaska and Hawaii). Tower Electric Bikes warrants this product, including all individual components against defects in material or workmanship including but not exclusive to the following:

Electric e-Bike Components

Electric Bicycle Parts 

Tower Electric Bikes bicycle components and hardware are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and/or workmanship for a 1 year period from the date of original purchase. If a component is defective or damaged we will issue a replacement part free of charge. We will also replace any parts that have been damaged from shipping your order to you.

We do not cover rider wear and tear that arises through usage during the warranty. The eBike battery warranty does not include damage that arises from improper usage, power surges, use of improper charger, water damage, improper maintenance or other such misuse.

Proof of Purchase Required

All eBike warranty claims must be made directly to Tower Electric Bikes, and we will require a proof of purchase. Email or call us with your order number, or name, or email address used on the order and we'll locate your order and confirm you are within the 1-year warranty time window.

eBike Warranty Valid for Original Purchaser Only

The Tower eBike warranty is only available to original purchasers that match a valid order number in our eCommerce systems. Again, the claimer of the warranty must be the first owner of the product. We will not issue warranty replacements if the bike has been sold as second hand.

The eBike Warranty Process

Before we get to the warranty claim step, it's best to first contact us about the issue. Often times we can troubleshoot the problem via email or over the phone. You can contact our customer support at info@towerelectricbikes.com or call us at (858) 362-4082 or (866) 622-4477.

To initiate a warranty claim, first send us photographic or video evidence of the damaged part. We will assess from there and either replace parts as needed, or make an offer a comparable remedy to the eBike warranty owner. We will not replace any part that has been damaged by the user. We will not pay for any third party service or part replacement unless agreed upon prior to the eBike repair. We will provide only the original purchaser with a replacement product if the affected product can't be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts as determined by Tower Electric Bikes.

Please let us arrange any return shipping on warranty claims, because if you set up your own shipping option or if the bike is shipped using a freight forwarder or similar service, Tower Electric Bikes will not cover any damage that occurs during shipping, nor the charges of the shipping. We have preferred vendors we use.

Terms of the eBike Warranty

This eBike warranty only applies to the original owner of a Tower Electric Bikes bicycle. The replacement of defective parts under warranty is at the sole discretion of Tower Electric Bikes. This warranty does not cover damage or defects resulting from the following, including but not limited to:

  • Failure to follow proper eBike assembly and other instructions provided in the owner’s manual
  • The use of a Tower eBike with aftermarket parts or accessories parts or accessories
  • The use of other battery chargers
  • Electric bike misuse or abuse
  • e-Bike neglect or stunt riding
  • Water damage
  • Electric bicycle modifications or alterations
  • eBike accidents and operator error
  • Excessive wear and tear
  • Improper eBike maintenance
  • Acts of God

In certain, extreme instances an entire replacement ebike may be sent as a remedy to an eBike warranty claim. In these cases the original ebike may have to be returned to Tower Electric Bikes for a look before a replacement ebike can be sent out. A new bike will not always be sent, if repairs can be made and the same bike can be returned to the purchaser, this will be the course of action that Tower Electric Bikes will follow.