Bike Riding for Fun and Exercise

Written by Stephan Aarstol

In our hectic daily life, we should be concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This can include watching what you eat, getting enough rest and getting enough exercise. One of the toughest of these is finding time and enjoying getting exercise. The secret to successfully getting proper exercise is having fun while exercising. And, one way to exercise and include the entire family is bicycle riding.

Riding a bicycle is one way to include all members of the family. Whether you have a toddler that can't ride a bike or out of shape adults, they can all be involved. Fortunately, bike trailers can be used to bring the little ones with you to enjoy the fresh air and take in the beauty of the outdoors. Young kids enjoy being driven around in the trailers and can be part of the family outing.

To help get your family on the road or trail to fun and exercise while bike riding, we have put together this handy listing of family friendly resources. We hope this helps you and your family find enjoyment and exercise while bike riding.