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Experience the ultimate beach lifestyle - cruising down your own path with the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, and feeling the freedom of the open road.
100,000 Customers Since 2010
Direct-to-consumer quality, value & service pioneer since 2010
Accessible replacement parts, prompt phone response
We specialize in the best style of ebike: electric beach cruisers

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We're a SoCal beach lifestyle company that specializes in the world's finest electric beach cruisers - premium components only, powerful, durable, lightweight, rust resistant, easy to maintain, and stylish eBikes... that actually look like bikes.
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Stylish Men's Cruiser
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Powerful Hill Climbing
30-60 Mile Range
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Lightweight - Only 52 lbs!
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An eBike Company You Can Trust

Tower, a direct-to-consumer only brand, has served 100,000+ customers with top-tier customer service and a focus on premium products. Originally focused on SUP and other beach lifestyle products, we’ve been selling amazing electric beach cruisers since 2018.
Here’s Our Track Record of Success:
Founded in 2010, Tower’s pioneering direct to consumer (“DTC”) only business model enabled them to disrupt the paddle board industry by skipping the middleman and offering the highest quality paddle boards to consumers at half price. Disruption #1 complete, with the winner being consumers!
Tower invented the 6” thick inflatable paddle board and unveiled it on ABC’s Shark Tank (filmed July 2011, aired March 2012) attracting an investment from billionaire Mark Cuban. In the following 5 years, inflatable paddle boards (“iSUPs”) would go from less than 1% of the SUP market to over 70% (Over 90% today). As a result, the number of people who can enjoy paddle boarding explodes. Disruption #2 complete.
Mark Cuban raves about Tower being one of his best Shark Tank investments ever, and People Magazine features founder Stephan Aarstol as one of Shark Tank’s Big Winners. Tower’s 2-year growth rate of 1062% would shortly earn them the title of the #1 Fastest Growing Private Company in San Diego.
Tower iSUPs are named one of the 10 most impressive products in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine, while also being ranked #239 on the Inc. 500 list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies. Tower also invented the 5-hour workday this year, and cemented themselves as a pioneer in the Shorter Workday Movement.
Now established as one of the world’s top paddle board brands, Tower expands into their 2nd major product category, electric beach cruisers, passing incredible value to consumers as it’s layered onto Tower’s existing, mature eCommerce infrastructure.
Tower's first eBike model ever, the Tower Beach Bum, wins the award from Electric Bike Review for "Best Electric Cruiser Bike of 2020" in the "value" category.
Tower's 5-Hour Workday was named a finalist in Fast Company’s World Changing Idea Awards. The revolutionary workplace innovation was covered by hundreds of media outlets worldwide including: the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fox News, CNBC, and many more.
The International Business Times named Tower Founder Stephan Aarstol to the Social Capital Top 100, a list of brand leaders and industry giants worldwide whose real product is helping improve the state of humanity.

Electric Bike Resources

Compiled by Tower's Experts

Want to learn more about electric bikes? Explore these resources our expert team has put together:
US Directory of eBike Repair Shops
Discovering an e-bike mechanic can be tough, but we've got you covered! We've compiled a list of top bike mechanics nationwide, specifying if they cater to electric bikes.
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Most Bike Friendly Cities
To determine bike-friendly cities, factors include safety, connectivity, bike lanes, parks, and bike paths. Tower Electric Bikes' team analyzed bike commuting, recreational cycling, cyclist fatalities, and city connectivity to determine the best and worst cities.
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Electric Bike Shopping Guide
We sell electric beach cruisers, but our eBike mechanics review all eBike brands and types. Get tips on finding a well-serving e-bike by focusing on certain factors.
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Electric Bike FAQs
The FAQs page provides concise answers to common questions about electric bikes, covering topics such as battery life, speed, legal requirements, and maintenance, with related resources provided.
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eBike Repair Guide Home
The Tower Ebike Repair and Maintenance Guide provides specific instructions on servicing Tower ebikes, but most of the content applies to other brands. It includes troubleshooting and maintenance tips for keeping an ebike in good condition.
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eBike Repair Basics & Assembly
This resource covers specs, serial numbers, recommended tools, operation, assembly, torque specs, and general care and maintenance for Tower ebikes.
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eBike Brake System Service Guide
Comprehensive guidance on the Tower ebike brake system, including how to adjust hydraulic brakes, true a rotor, install a new rotor, and resurface brake pads and rotors. It also offers instructions on how to bleed the hydraulic brake system.
[  learn more  ]
eBike Drivetrain Service Guide
Provides comprehensive instructions on the drivetrain, including how to clean and install new components such as the chain, cassette, derailleur, shifter, and crankset. It also covers how to adjust the derailleur hanger and install replacement pedals.
[  learn more  ]
eBike Electrical System Guide
This guide covers the entire electrical system of a Tower ebike, including an introduction to electrical troubleshooting, methods of troubleshooting, error codes, battery services, motor issues, and various possible remedies for power loss.
[  learn more  ]
eBike Wheels & Tire Guide
This section covers various wheel services such as flat tire repair, new tire installation, spoke replacement, and wheel truing. It also includes an introduction and walkthrough of the wheels on Tower ebikes.
[  learn more  ]
eBike Miscellaneous Service Guide
Learn how to customize your Tower ebike with these guides for installing a new seat, Tower fenders, a rear rack, or other topics.
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Electric Bike Parts & Lingo
Explains some of the common electric bicycle parts and their terminology, including voltage, amps, watts, battery capacity, geared and direct drive hub motors, PAS, sprockets, spokes, derailleurs, and disk brakes.
[  learn more  ]
100-Pt eBike Scale Explained
Learn more about the Tower eBike 100-Point Scale, which rates e-bikes on seven attributes, including materials and mechanical quality, low maintenance, hill climbing ability, range, comfort, and universality, to help consumers make informed decisions.
[  learn more  ]
Tower eBike Scores: Rank Order
This resource ranks all eBikes from top to bottom based on their single-point score, which is determined by Tower eBike's 100-Point Score rating system. Each model is linked to a more detailed review.
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Tower eBike Scores: By Brand
This resource is an index of Tower eBike 100-Point Score ratings by brand. The page provides single-point score ratings for ebike models, with links to more detailed reviews.
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Reviews of Tower eBikes
Find out what riders have to say about their experiences with Tower ebikes. The Tower eBike Reviews page is a comprehensive collection of customer reviews for all Tower electric bike models.
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"TOWER is one of my best Shark Tank investments."

- Mark Cuban
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Sony Pictures Studios

Tower E-Bike's 100-Point Scale

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