Nakto Electric Bike Flat Tire Repair

The Nakto Camel F uses 26 X1.75” wheels with a Schrader valve. Unlike with traditional bikes, ebikes have various configurations and designs which makes repairing flat tires different for brands and models. This bike uses a different brake styles for the front and the rear, and it also affects how the wheel can be taken off. In this article, we are going to guide you on how to deal with a flat tire on this electric bike and the intricacies of it.

Removing the Front Wheel

If you encounter a flat tire in your wheels, you will have to remove them from the bike to repair or replace them. To take off the front wheel, you would have to first open the brake pads. For this, you will have to pinch the brakes on either side, pull the noodle out of the elbow that is slotted inside, and get the cable out through the gap. Once the brakes are open, the wheel is ready to be taken off.

The front wheel is attached to the fork by a 15mm axle bolt, and you will need a 15mm wrench to loosen it. Once it is loose, the wheel will just slot right in and out of the fork.

Replacing the Tire Tube

Once you have taken out the flat tire, you will then have to replace the tire tube. For this next step, you will need a tire lever. You must hook it under the lip of the tire, pop it to the outside, and pull the lever all the way around the tire. This will get the tire bead out and you can then pull the bike tube out.

Flat tires are usually caused by sharp objects puncturing the wheel. In many cases, that object can still be lodged on the wheel itself. For the next step, you will have to inspect the tire for this object and, if there are any, remove it. To do this, you will need to use a piece of cloth and rub it on the inside of the tire slowly and feel whether it will snag in any object that punctured it. If you find any, pull it out using a pair of pliers. You don’t want to replace a fixed or new tube in your wheel while a sharp object is still lodged on it because this will only result in another flat tire.

Once you have inspected that the wheel is free of any sharp objects and you have a new tire tube, you can proceed to place it back inside the wheel. For this, you will have to peel the tire back and expose the valve hole in the rim. The valve of the tube must first be aligned and inserted to the valve hole of the wheel. After doing this, you can then tuck the tube all the way around underneath the tire. You can then inflate the wheel to the recommended pressure before or after you reinstall it to the bike.

Reinstalling the Front Wheel

Once the front wheel is fixed, you will have to reinstall it back to the bike. As mentioned in previously, the front wheel just slots right in the fork and is secured by an axle bolt.

One of the things you need to consider when bolting it back are the washers and the hook on the left. On either side, you have to make sure that the little hook goes right into the islets right above the dropouts. The rings should be on the outside when the wheel is slotted into the dropout. We recommend spinning it around until it slots right into the hole and just cinching it into place. Once it is in, you will then use the 15mm wrench to tighten the bold securely.

Finally, the last thing you will need to do is to realign the front brake caliper. You will have to pinch it back together (the same way when removing the tire), but this time instead of popping the noodle out, you will need to push it back. Once that is done, the front wheel is good to go.

Rear Wheel

As for the rear wheel of this bike, it takes a different method to take it off. The rear of the bike has a horizontal dropout, which means the wheel is going to slide out backwards. Additionally, it also uses a drum brake on the wheel which is different from the front which uses rim brakes.

To remove the rear wheel, you will have to come to the left back side of the bike. You will find brackets that are secured with two screws that you have to remove. To do this, you will need to use a 10mm wrench on the back to hold it in place, and a screwdriver in the front to loosen the screws. Once they are out, you will also have to loosen some more bolts using an 18mm wrench. Once that is done and the bolts are out, the whole wheel unit will slide right out.

Another thing to note on this bike is that when you take the rear wheel off, the kickstand will also be removed with it because it is also bolted onto the bike with the axle bolt. As for the drum brake attached to the hub, once the wheel comes off, it will hang on its cable to the bike and is attached to the hub only very loosely. You must tuck the cable motor underneath the drivetrain. To reinstall them, the two arrows will just align and plug right back into each other.

Once you have removed the rear wheel, follow the instructions on how to replace the tire tube as mentioned above for the front wheel. And then reinstall the rear wheel back to the bike. Be sure to inflate your repaired tires with the recommended tire pressure for a comfortable ride.