Nakto Electric Bike Maintenance

The Nakto Camel F is a cruiser city style ebike. It has some old-style components and some that you might want to replace in the long run. Maintenance is an integral part in owning an ebike. We will discuss here some maintenance issues you might encounter with a Nakto Camel F.

Rear Brake Maintenance

The first thing we identified that can be an issue is the drum brake in the rear. It’s on the rear left side of the hub driven motor. In our opinion, these are not so great for ebikes. This kind of brake is found on older ebikes and are not as efficient as rim brakes. Based on our experience, you will more than likely be needing to have that adjusted often. Hence, if you own this bike, we recommend switching to a different style of brakes.

Brake Pads

With the rear brakes not being the most efficient, most of the braking power of this bike is going to come from the rim brakes in the front. Since this bike travels fairly quick and is on the heavy side, the brake pads will get worn out faster than normal. You will need to replace them when they become too thin since they will not grip as much by then.


Another component on this bike that you need to watch for are the bike spokes. The ones that come on the Nakto use are not the sturdiest spokes in the market and they’re also not rust resistant. At some point, you will need to have them serviced and replaced as they will break on you down the line.


The chain and derailleur are also potential maintenance issues for this bike. Although it uses a Shimano branded derailleur, it is on the lower end and, in our experience, it will not age well. If the integrated derailleur hanger bends, you will have to get a replacement for the whole derailleur.

Additionally, this bike is unique since it has six speeds. Should anything need fixing or replacement, components for the six speed are not as readily available compared to the more common seven, eight, or nine speed configurations.


We also recommend replacing the kickstand that initially comes with this bike. You may end up with some frame damage because the out-of-the-box kickstand is not reliable. In fact, it hardly holds up the bike. The kickstand seems to be too long for its own good and the bike sits straight up, not leaned to the side. With its current kickstand, we don't see how a Nakto bike wouldn't endure damage from falling over all the time.

Proprietary Components

Located at the handlebar cockpit are the electronic components like the LCD screen and controls. These are all integrated and put into one. If something goes wrong or malfunctions, you will need to source and contact Nakto for the replacement of these parts. Components for these will not be available in the aftermarket since they are proprietary parts from the manufacturer.

Also, with the way the rack mounts and shapes to the frame of the bike, it appears that the rack is also proprietary to Nakto. Parts and replacements for this will also be sourced only from Nakto.

As a last note, you should always do regular inspections and tune-ups for your eBikes. It is advised to take it to reputable bike mechanics after the initial break-in period of 100 to 200 miles to ensure everything is running smoothly.

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