Wheel Truing (Hub Motor Wheel)

Service Price: $55

One of the trickiest maintenance jobs on an electric bike is truing the ebike wheels. What does truing your wheels mean? When your ebike wheels need to be trued, that means the outer rim of the wheel is not perfectly round and has some spots where the rim bows out, due to the spokes becoming improperly tensioned. This spoke tension can be thrown off through regular riding due to bumps and the rider's weight resting on the wheels during operation. This is extra true for ebikes, as with the extra weight an ebike has, that is more weight on the wheels. More weight on the wheels can make it so your ebike wheels need to be trued more often. In addition to the added weight, wheels with hub driven motors tend to need truing more often, as the added torque from the motor puts extra strain on the spokes.

Our ebike wheel true service helps make sure your ebike wheels are spinning as straight as possible, with no hops or wobbles in the rim. When we true your ebikes hub driven wheel, the spoke tension gets adjusted around the spots where the rim bows out. This spoke tension, when tensioned correctly, will help pull those sections of the rim back into place. The wheel is “true”, when the wheel spins in straight line.

Truing your wheels is important to stay on top of for a few reasons. The biggest and most important reason is for the safety and health of your hub driven ebike wheel. When you ride on a hub driven ebike wheel that is out of true, aside from any performance issues, it can be unsafe, as the rim may not be able to take the torque delivered by the motor. A rim bent too far, even if trued back to straight, has had its structural integrity compromised and cannot be trusted to ride on long term, and would need to be replaced. When traveling at high speeds like on an ebike, it is crucial to be able to trust the wheels supporting you and your electric bike.

The other reason why you would want to be on top of your wheel truing is for performance. If you have rim brakes on your ebike and your wheel is out of true, the brakes are going to rub at certain spots, making it more difficult to ride and wearing out your brake pads faster. In addition to any potential brake rub, an untrue wheel will not roll as efficiently and can rub against the frame or the ebike fork.

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