5 Ways An E-Bike Improve Your Quality Of Life

The Tower e-Bike brings freedom and fun that will improve your quality of life and change the way you think about getting around town. Here are just five ways how.

  1. No Sweat - Commuting to work on a regular bike has always had one huge downside: inclines mean sweat, even if you have a 12-speed road bike. Tower e-Bikes are built with a powerful 500W rear brushless geared motor and a 48V Lithium-Ion Samsung battery pack. This will have you crushing hills with ease, arriving to work looking fresh and feeling great.
  2. Being Green - Cruising around on the Tower e-Bike means zero emissions, having a mighty positive impact on the environment. Cutting down the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) released from gas-powered vehicles helps reduce long-term greenhouse gases, a crucial element in combating global warming.
  3. Beat Traffic - Using your Tower e-Bike to get around short to moderate distances, especially during high traffic congestion, will greatly reduce your traveling time. The bike lane is never gridlocked. Zipping by cars stuck in traffic feels amazing!
  4. Staying Healthy - While the Tower e-Bike will help you get up those hills without dying from exertion, you can still pedal your way around. This allows you to retain all the health benefits of biking, without needing to be an avid cyclist to enjoy hilly rides.
  5. Go Farther - The range you can comfortably travel on the Tower e-Bike is far greater than a traditional bike. Imagine roaming all up and down the boardwalk or around the bay with your friends, barely breaking a sweat and then decide to head off to downtown or another part of town. Unlock your freedom and hit the road.

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